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GDoN “renovated kitchen” edition

by Prince Of Petworth June 16, 2017 at 11:55 am 15 Comments

This house is located at 615 Tuckerman Street, NW. The MRIS listing says:

“Step into to this beautiful 3bed/1.5bath home nestled in the heart of Brightwood. The main level features gleaming hardwood floors, a renovated kitchen w/farmhouse sink & 5-burner gas range. Upstairs are 3 light-filled bedrooms & a renovated bath. The lower level has a huge space awaiting your final touches. Located less than a mile from Takoma metro, Walter Reed redevelopment & tons more!”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/1.5 bath is going for $440,000.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Cute little place. I love the lighting fixture in the upstairs hall. Dislike the sink in the .5 bath.

    • LittleBluePenguin

      Agreed – it seems like a pretty solid place to start, with room to put your own spin on things. I do hate the sink in the half bath though, that’s just…yuck. It’s a little hard to get an idea of how big the bedrooms are, I could see that potentially being an issue, but otherwise, seems decent.

  • HaileUnlikely

    This is definitely among the nicer renos of one of these little duplexes that I have seen. I don’t mind that the basement is unfinished – I use mine to store tools and stuff. I appreciate that the exterior of the house does not scream “Look at Meeee! I’m a flip!” (It is not a present flip. Seller bought for $340K in 2013; might have been a flip when they bought it – I’m not sure.) I also appreciate that the square footage is stated correctly. All of the houses around here and further north in Takoma that look about like this are indeed 1088 square feet. When ones without additions advertise 1500+ square feet, they are either counting the basement or simply lying. No b.s. here. Given the lunacy of today’s market, I think this is probably a good deal (and a much better deal than the one over on Blair, facing the big wall, with fudged square footage, which was initially listed for $612K, reduced to $569K (third reduction), and has been on the market for nearly 2 months.

    • lizcolleena

      I tried to go to an open house at that property on Blair facing the wall, and the agent wasn’t there. I’ve had that happen once or twice over the years, and it just puts a bad taste in my mouth!

      • HaileUnlikely

        At this price, I’d take this one over that one without thinking about it. Heck, I’d probably be willing to pay slightly more for this house than the Blair one. I do think this one will go for well over asking, though (which still blows my mind). The similar-sized house with blood red carpet and the weirdly laid out kitchen that clearly had not been updated in 40+ years up a little further north on 8th St NW (GDoN a week or two ago) was listed at $360K and went under contract in 7 days.

  • textdoc

    It looks nice. I don’t like the glass-front cabinets in the kitchen, and I also question the use of open shelving on the opposite wall instead of proper cabinets, but on the whole the place looks nice. I like that it’s not a cookie-cutter “open plan” bowling alley.
    I too like the lighting fixture in the upstairs hall, and dislike the tiny corner sink (and trough-like faucet) in the half bath. I like the plainness of the white tile and the (possibly original?) black-and-white tile in the bathroom. The hint of the black-and-white tile in the hallway photo practically made my heart go pitter-patter. ;)
    Also nice that there’s a garage — I’m surprised the listing doesn’t make more of that fact.

  • Rich

    The bedrooms look small, but it’s also just under 1100 sf. Otherwise, the space is well used and it’s almost funny to see all those tools in the basement. Usually, places have everything converted to living space whether it makes sense or not and the usual lack of practical knowledge one encounters here makes the tools a pleasant change from the usual dreary “inlaw suite”. The unfinished basement could easily serve as a home office, hobby area, semi-family room, which is what most basements used to be in houses this size.

  • ScottfromDE

    Not a bad street. If it is 3br upstairs, at least one of those rooms wouldnt be good for anything but a very small office. Is it normal to have one mini split ac unit to cool a whole floor? Looks like only a love seat would fit in the living room. Not much space for a table or anything else.
    I walked by the house and it looks line some of the widows need to be replaced. How did they let that driveway get in such a bad shape. Is the washer and dryer not next to each other. It also looms like not only is the basement not finished, it doesn’t loom to have heating or cooling.

    If this goes for asking I don’t think it’s a bad deal, but not a good deal for much higher. People fool themselves at the cost of finishing a basement.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Good info on the windows. All of these houses have what would regard as 2 decent sized bedrooms and one very small one, yes, all upstairs. I don’t have any idea where the washer and dryer hookups are. The washing machine in the picture doesn’t appear to be hooked up and I suspect this isn’t where it really goes. It appears to have been moved to some temporary spot for some reason. I wonder if the owner is replacing it or something.

  • samanda_bynes

    i LOVE this street and looked at a similarly priced house here. it’s a great place to walk around, and having the rec center there is really cool. cute place!

  • Anonymous

    How is safety/crime around here?

    • HaileUnlikely

      Not bad right here. Some of the short blocks a little south of here (mainly Roxboro Pl I think) seem to have some issues from time to time, but this isn’t a bad spot right here, nor is accessing it via any of the major routes (something I think about a lot since I don’t have a car).

  • anon

    It’s a really tiny house. If I were buying a small house “renovated” I’d want a bit more attention paid in the renovation – it matters a lot in a small place. In the kitchen – I’d want there not to be a bump where the floor meets the dining room floor; I’d want the cupboards and counter between the fridge and the back door a bit deeper to provide more storage and counter space there (even inch counts in a tiny kitchen) – there’s room there for some more inches before you hit the back door trim (it may mean buying deeper cabinets and cutting them to the proper depth – but even Ikea cabinets can be cut to custom depth); I’d not have the tall cabinet next to the door end at a lower height than the wall cabinets next to it (I’d probably take them all to the ceiling not hat side for more storage); I’d definitely spring for a counter-depth refrigerator, if this isn’t one (It is hard to tell from photos). On the other side, the open shelving doesn’t bother me – the space on that wall is tiny, and upper cupboards there would crowd your headspace when standing at the sink. But I con’t like that inset spice cupboard over the peninsula being not wholly over the peninsula – it looks odd just sort of hanging there in space. I’d also have made the peninsula deeper – definitely a bit on the dining room side under the overhang (having any overhang is useless here) and also on the kitchen side – maybe to the same depth of the wall it is attached to, if there’s enough room to walk by the stove and sink – if not, I’d have made the wall further out, so that it matches the depth of the peninsula so there isn’t a wall corner there to back up into when standing at the sink. It is cute, but oddly disjointed and could be more functional, so I see it as needing work, rather than fully renovated.

    • different anon

      TLDR: The kitchen is renovated, just not to my liking.

      • msus

        Yup. This is why one buys a fixer upper instead of the “finished” product. Agree with a lot of the other anons opinion, but we all have our own tastes, preferences. Looks nice, but didn’t optimize the space IMO.


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