GDoN “half a block away from Bad Saint” edition (reader request)

by Prince Of Petworth June 1, 2017 at 11:55 am 33 Comments

This unit is located at 1221 Kenyon Street, NW. The MRIS listing says:

“Amazing Columbia Heights condo perfectly located half a block away from Bad Saint and all the great restaurants on 11th st, 1 block to Columbia Heights metro. “Walkscore” of 97. Carrera marble counters w/ solid oak hardwood floors, gas range, SS appliances, wine fridge, HUGE separate private storage room, marble master bath with rain shower head, master bed easily fits a king bed and sitting space”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $650,000 ($220 monthly fee.)

  • crayons

    Always people partying on that porch. Might get old after a while. Really love this neighborhood though.

  • B’Dale Res

    A row house split into 3 units and $220 a month condo fees = foolish

    • Anonymous

      oh lord here we go again- about owning part of a house. Where can you find an 1100sqft condo for $650k in this area? Then have to deal with living in a larger building/more people. Don’t see why this argument always comes up when these types of conversions are listed.

      • Nathan

        Or do they mean too low? Given all the common elements are newly done, and operating costs are realistically pretty low (maybe $150/month of water, $1500 yearly master policy), $8k a year seems alright to build-up some reserves.

      • B’Dale Res

        Redfin shows 85 current listings in DC. 1100 SqFt at $650k. An additional 81 are pending/under contract.

        • anono

          I think he meant in this neighborhood not in DC as a whole. This is a very nice neighborhood so $650k for 1100 sqft is not that common.

          • B’Dale Res

            Do you think, or know?

          • anono

            “Where can you find an 1100sqft condo for $650k in this area?”

            Do you think/know that means DC as a whole or this neighborhood? One cannot know for certain what he/she intended to say but I think it can be implied that he meant the neighborhood. Comparing the price/sqft of a condo in CH to the rest of DC does not make sense.

      • lizcolleena

        I guess if by neighborhood you mean that very block, ok. But there are lots of similar condos at well below that price point within CH on the whole and certainly within a 6-block radius. In fact I own one of them and am certain when we soon-ish sell we’ll get ~$100k less than this.

        • anon

          I would say neighborhood is around 11th St. corridor. CH is pretty diverse and there is a huge discrepancy between this area and Columbia Rd and 14th St. which is less than 6 blocks away.

  • Is that unit really 1,115 square feet? That second bedroom looks tiny…like they couldn’t even fit more than a twin bed in there.

    • GBinCH

      I actually looked at this unit when it came on the market back in 2014. I would have been tempted had it not been the lack of parking. It is actually a very comfortable sized unit. The second bedroom is actually a decent size (If I remember correctly it was 12′ by 12′ on the plats), but the camera angle isn’t doing it any favors. The bid downside of the second bedroom is that window is to a narrow light shaft. I saw the unit in the evening after work, and the natural lighting in the room is bad…
      Other negative is that the back porch connects to the penthouse via stairs and is the only way for them to access their parking. So having that as my master bedroom, I didn’t like the idea of my neighbors coming and going all the time – privacy is a big deal for me.
      Other than those flaws, I don’t think the price is that crazy, although the lack of parking makes it less desirable.

      • Interesting…where is the private storage room in relation to the unit? I couldn’t really figure that out from the pictures. And I agree with you that I wouldn’t want my master adjacent to the back stairs/porch.

        • Nathan

          It looks like the storage is in the basement. All 3 of the condo units are just single levels (with the top having the roof deck), so the basement appears to be used for storage.

          • GBinCH

            Yep, this is correct. Where developers usually put in a basement unit, there are three storage units, one for each of the units, and a utility space (water, etc.). Accessed only from the rear of the building, so nice and secure. I liked the decision by the developer to do it this way, rather than trying to squeeze in an extra unit.

  • dcd

    Not a good deal. That’s $583/sq. ft., without parking. Come on.

    Beyond that, it’s nicely finished, but there are some glaring issues:

    The kitchen design is dumb. Instead of trying to maximize the limited space, there’s (i) a cute but wholly nonfunctional wine glass rack, and (ii) a wine fridge where additional cabinets should be. The existing cabinets don’t go all the way to the ceiling. And the kitchen sink appears to be the size of a prep sink.

    Also, “master bed easily fits a king bed and sitting space” – which is nice, but you’d be hard pressed to get more than a twin in the second bedroom.

    Finally, this is not one block from the metro stop. The Columbia Heights metro is at 14th and Irving, and this is on the 11th street side of 13th and Kenyon. Two blocks. Not one. Two. This is not a big deal, obviously, but blatant misrepresentations like this irritate the crap out of me, and make me wonder if the listing agent will (charitably) screw up, or (more likely) lie about something so easy to check, what will s/he do when there’s something that is more difficult for a prospective buyer to discover.

    • Anonymous

      That is plentiful cabinet space for a 2bedroom condo. And if not the wine glass rack- I think floating shelves at best would work in that wall space. Cabinets in that space would definitely impact the open feel of the room.

      • GBinCH

        I also want to add, as it’s not obvious from the pictures, but if you go to picture 6 of 30, you’ll see two single doors across the hall from the kitchen. One of these is just shelves, and is great for pots/pans, and the other is a walk-in pantry. This unit has a lot of storage thats not obvious from the pictures.
        Also, that corridor runs the length of the unit, back to the master bedroom, and is nothing but closets, which is handy.
        Before anyone asks, I’m not the owner of the unit, anyone connected to this building or the developer.

    • MadMax

      But you can make up those costs by selling people stuff while they wait in line for a restaurant!

    • foo

      I honestly don’t think the kitchen is that bad. It seems like they went with the classic galley setup with working triangle (vertices at fridge/sink/stove). From what I am told, this is the ideal way to optimize space. I do agree that wine refrigerators are almost always useless to almost all people, but there is enough cabinetry to accommodate a couple. The sink IS awful, you’d have to get that replaced but that isn’t too pricey. Anyway, there isn’t anything structurally wrong with the setup…

      • Nathan

        Maybe we just drink too much wine, but seems like everyone I know that has one things a wine fridge is pretty useful. How else are you gonna keep your reds at the proper temp to be at the ready ;)

      • dcd

        I don’t think the working triangle has anything to do with optimizing space – it optimizes efficiency while cooking. I agree that the structure is to narrow to put the range on the side wall, and this is the only way to lay out the kitchen. I forgot to mention the ridiculous crown molding stuck on top of the cabinets, inches away from the ceiling. That just calls attention to the fact that the developer was too cheap to put in ceiling-height cabinets. The sink itself isn’t’ pricey, but you’d either have to replace the countertop or have it cut to fit a new sink, which would increase costs quite a bit, and that’s assuming you wouldn’t have to redo the cabinets below to accommodate a larger sink.

        • Nathan

          I live in a home done by the same developer. We’ve got the same cabinets. That’s really my only gripe about it. Would have been nice to extend them all the way up and I’ve considered doing so. Only thing is, with 10 foot ceilings, I guess it would just be storage for items I don’t need very often. I’ll say that overall the quality is very good and better than other developer’s work I’ve seen. Good appliances, fixtures, solid core doors, good solid oak floors. Anyway, I’m happy.

    • AMDCer

      Another dumb design decision that I’ve seen in other projects – full size closet doors in tiny bedrooms that open out instead of sliding or bi-fold doors. Yes, the full size doors look nicer and offer better access, but they severely limit how you can arrange furniture, or how much furniture you can have in a small room

      • crayons

        Good call. There are other great looking sliding door options as well that often look even better than the doors.

    • anono

      How is the wine glass rack “wholly nonfunctional”? There are wine glasses on it so it appears to be functioning as intended.

      • dcd

        You’re right, I meant wholly impractical. They hold wine glasses, but nothing else. With space at a premium, that’s silly.

        • anono

          It looks like it holds wine bottles on the top of it. There are grooves for the neck of the bottle. Not sure what you have against that wine rack lol.

  • RCJ

    I have noticed that the third floor neighbors are really loud – always big parties and smoke coming off the roof deck.

    • Joshua

      +1. My friends around the corner call this area New Clarendon :-D

  • Anon

    That’s priced pretty low for CH these days. Get your escalation clause ready…

  • NewKidOnTheBlock11433

    Ok, so as a resident of this apt I want to set a couple things straight. First of all, ya’ll need to get a life. This is a young neighborhood and if you’re not ok with a party now and then, it’s not for you. Second, if noise or smells bother u, knock on our door and let’s have a civil conversation instead of passively posting online. I make some mean chocolate-chip cookies. Third, the guy on the third floor is a total lozer. hates parties. hates fun. probs in some boring profession. like law. whatever. ANYWAYS, this building is beautiful. There are killer bars and restaurants. And for the most part people r chill. Also, there’s a dog park near by (whoop whoop). So there’s the real story friendz. xoxo

    • Elkhaert

      This is almost certainly fake.


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