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GDoN “Eclectic turn of the Century Capitol Hill ‘Shot Gun’ house” edition

by Prince Of Petworth June 8, 2017 at 12:00 pm 23 Comments

This house is located at 520 9th Street, SE. The MRIS listing says:

“Eclectic turn of the Century Capitol Hill “Shot Gun” house. Every turn is sure to impress! 2 lrg bdrs, open and expansive living area with renovated kitchen and separate dining room, 2 wood burning FP`s, gorgeous rear back yard leading to a detached 2 car garage. Front porch with landscaped appeal! Many updates throughout! 1 blk to Barracks Row, Eastern MRKT metro & More! A must see!”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $799,000.

  • MadMax

    800k for 1,200 sqft… the garage and proximity to BR/EM helps, but I think overpriced.

  • Wren

    I can’t imagine spending 800K on a house that needs bars on every window, and I live in Fairlawn.

    • MadMax

      This house definitely doesn’t “need” bars, and if I were selling I would have for sure removed them.

  • EmilyW

    Bars, bars and more bars -is the prison look the hot new trend? And those awful kitchen cabinets, just no.

  • Joshua

    This is not my beautiful house!

    • anon

      Same as it ever was

  • Rich

    You probably could find 1200 sf condos at this price in prime neighborhoods and they wouldn’t have the outdoor spaces or the garage.

    The bars and all the windows are probably the “flaw’ here——The neighbors don’t appear to have bars on the windows, but I’d imagine the issue here is that house is literally covered in windows. This would have been great for cross ventilation in the days before a/c (but probably made the place impossible to keep clean), but not so great now–they limit the wall space and require lots of “window treatments” and insulation so that they don’t drive up the utility costs, as well as making the house easy to rob.

    The master bedroom seems hemmed-in. A sleigh bed and the desk probably exaggerate the smallness of the space, but the built-ins seem crowded as well.

    The irony, of course, at this price is that shotguns were house for the poor.

    • anon

      I’m not sure I agree with the logic of lots of windows meaning easy to rob – it only takes one window or door to gain access to a house to rob it. The bars on the windows here are likely the personal preference of the person who installed them. Others would use good window locks and an alarm system here instead.
      Of course, with windows low to the ground (and this house is all first floor), without bars, as safety-minded person would also want to install a device that only lets a window open so far, meaning not far enough to allow a person to squeeze in, and if you prefer your windows to be wide open to let in breezes, then you might actually prefer to have bars on them, as here.
      In the climate we have here, I don’t have my windows open all that often (this cooler June is unusual in that I do have open windows) – most of the year I have them closed with either heat or AC on – so cross breezes aren’t as essential, as the periods of the year when it is comfortable to have windows wide open are very short. So the lack wide opening windows isn’t the inconvenience that it might be in some places (assuming this place has AC, which I assume but didn’t check.)

      • textdoc

        “The bars on the windows here are likely the personal preference of the person who installed them. Others would use good window locks and an alarm system here instead.”
        People have discussed on PoPville before the advantages/disadvantages of window bars and alarm systems… but this is the first time I’ve seen window _locks_ mentioned. Can you elaborate?
        “safety-minded person would also want to install a device that only lets a window open so far, meaning not far enough to allow a person to squeeze in” — What kind of device would this be?
        All of my windows have these little “guard” thingies (that can be pressed into the window frame if one doesn’t want to use them) that in theory would allow what you’re talking about. (They allow the window to open about 5 inches, but no farther.) However, there was a thread a few years ago (I think about a break-in in Mount Pleasant?) where it sounded as though the burglars had been able to force the windows open despite the presence of similar “guard” thingies on the windows.

  • MtP

    I was sold at first, but this is practically a 1BR – the front sitting room that has a crib and a couch in it is the second “bedroom.” I love the style, but think it is overpriced.

    • anon

      Agree – I’d only use it as a one-bedroom – making the front room the living room, and the living room off the kitchen as the dining room. The area they have as the dining area is just that – an versatile extended kitchen area that could be used for a kitchen table, a study, or another place for seating. So, expensive for that…

  • Laura

    I visited this house when it was on the market in 2014. It has a lot of charm to it and is a unique house, and the current owner has made upgrades to the house. But it felt small because of the odd layout.

    • cass

      Upgrades? If so, it was done without permits, so it hasn’t been inspected.

      • mvelkin

        Cosmetic upgrades like painting and updating dated fixtures, nothing so major that would require permitting. (Source: I know the family who owns this home and have been here many times.)

  • Pertwothington

    I think this house is awesome. That being said, if I want a shotgun house I’ll move to NOLA and pay 350k less.

    • MadMax

      A lot less than that even.

  • hillyeah

    i can’t believe they want 800K for this place. it’s almost offensive.

  • navyard

    Is this really still a shotgun house? It seems someone added a hallway that connects all the rooms.
    Also, where I’m from, the setup where one must walk through one room to access the next is called “boxcar” apartment. I never saw it in a house until I moved here though.

    • Anonymous

      The bump out at the end of the hallway prevents this from being a true “shotgun” house – a house where a shotgun fired from the front door would hit nothing before it hit the backdoor of the house. It may have been a true shotgun house at one point before it was renovated to move the living room from the front to the back where the kitchen is.

      • Craig

        See Wikipedia. The folk etymology is strongly disputed, and the term shotgun is likely a corruption of a term from an African language.

  • broseph

    This is almost hilariously overpriced.

  • AnonJohn

    Have no idea if it’s worth the money (assuming not), but I think it’s a cool house. Like the layout, light, separate rooms, and recessed shelving.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure whether it’s a good deal . . . or not. I love the landscaping, the huge backyard and 2 car garage. Not crazy about the interior layout. I think the living room used to be the second bedroom and a renovation was done to make that space a living room that abuts an open kitchen. That’s a fine idea but it’s weird to have to walk by two bedrooms to get to the living room. Now that I think of it, maybe not a good deal because I would want to redo the layout – which is not what I would be looking for in an $800k house.


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