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  • bll

    while this was a car my stepfather had, it will forever and always be the car of a mr. jake ryan, one of the greatest 80s characters.

    • ah

      Jake Ryan had a 944, although the body styles are very similar.

  • LosLobos

    There was a Top Gear episode where they gave this car a savage grilling

  • 72911T

    This is actually a very unique car. Porsche made very few of this last of the 924S’s. The late 924S’s were essentially 944’s in the smaller 924 body. So they were lighter and a wee bit faster. They had all the 944 options and sported the largest motor (2.7 Litre) ever in a 944 (tho’ the 968 motors were bigger at 3.0) I would buy this car!


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