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  • ERD

    I marvel at this car every time I drive by it. The Pulsar is truly a fun car. My friend had one back years ago. The T-Top roof removed, and the entire hatch unbolted to make it very convertible like. (Or use it as a pickup truck if needed!)

    This one has the cool SportBak hatch which was an option from the dealer to have more trunk space. The standard hatch looks a bit more sporty.

  • spookiness

    2nd Gen Nissan Pulsar. The back was designed to take different hatch options, and this is the “Sportback.” The standard one is more like a coupe. I think you could buy the Sportback as an option and interchange them if you wanted as long as you had someplace to store it (like a removable hardtop for a convertible). Also, its basically a targa roof, the center roof panel removes. So you get a weird kind of convertible-convertible, that can configure in various combinations of coupe, convertible, wagon, or whatever. Pulsar was somewhat popular in the day, but this roof option was not common. This car has been around forever and I’ve seen in on car blogs.

  • textdoc

    Interesting — it’s like a cross between an El Camino* and a Volvo station wagon.
    * As a friend of mine described it back in the day, “Quite possibly the world’s best car/truck.”

  • Carey

    Back when Nissans were cool and interesting. The stuff they build these days is so dull and cheaply made in comparison.

  • anon

    Kinda just looks like a hearse to me.


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