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  • Idontgetit

    I moved to DC with all my worldly goods packed in my CR-X

  • lisavfr

    my coworkers didn’t believe that there were after market convertible versions too! http://jalopnik.com/i-just-bought-this-super-rare-honda-crx-convertible-1767626604

    • Tom

      Whoa, that’s awesome. I’ve never seen one of these before.

  • ELA

    I know that guy. Both the bike and car are his.

    • lisavfr

      Tell him I have much admiration for that car!!!! I felt guilty for gawking and taking a photo.
      I used to see a red and blue CRX convertible of that vintage all the time when I lived in Rockville.

    • Tom

      If he ever wants to sell it, my email address is existential exit (one word) at gmail.

  • spookiness

    Haven’t seen a 1st Gen CRX in a very long time. East coast climate and road salt dissolved most old Hondas long ago.

  • Tom

    OMG I loved this car. My dad had a black ’86 5spd, and I was due to inherit it had he not wrapped it around a tree. It ran like a top and was JUST about to roll over to 200k miles when he smashed it—barely broken in.


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