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GDoN “walks out to deep attractive shady fenced rear yard” edition

by Prince Of Petworth May 30, 2017 at 12:00 pm 20 Comments

This house is located at 235 Farragut Street, NW. The MRIS listing says:

“Near 2 METRO, shops. Bsmt accessible to physically challenged. Traditional 3 br. Recently refinished hw flrs, updated kit, ss appliances, basement has 2nd kit,full bath & w/d; walks out to deep attractive shady fenced rear yard. Detached garage needs repair. Front porch. Ornamental fireplace. Good cond. CAC + window unit. Sold as is. Total living space incl bsmt is approx 2300 sq ft.”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/1.5 bath is going for $575,000.

  • theharleyquinn

    Really beautiful open space on the first floor but one of the bedrooms upstairs is insanely small.

  • Anony

    I am so tired of agents saying they are close to METROs when they are not. It is semi-close (arbitrary) to Ft. Totten at .8 miles but anything over 1 mile is not “close” IMHO.

    • Anony

      Another rant, there is no way this total living space is 2300 sq ft. even with the basement. The entire living space of the top two floors is 1188. I don’t understand how agents just throw numbers out like that?

      • Rich

        In some parts of the country it’s illegal to report square footage, probably because realtors are liars.

        • anon

          Is it actually illegal, or have realtors just stopped doing it because there is precedent that they can be sued for overstating it? (I’m guessing it is that – just like people say it is illegal to ask certain questions that might indicate discriminatory intent in hiring – it isn’t illegal, it is just that you might get sued, and could lose, if you do it.)

      • Rich

        Does the piano convey? I’m surprised no one has commented on the horrible wood paneling in the basement.

        • anon

          Lots of basements come with wood paneling – some people like it, some figure that they can always paint it, and some just use the basement for storage and don’t care what the walls look like.

          • Rich

            Lots of basements had it 40 or 50 years ago. Now, not so much.

          • textdoc

            Let the wood paneling be a warning to us all that some trends age reeeeeeeally poorly.

  • LedroitTigah

    not a good deal, given the condition of the house. That backyard looks mangled. Yeesh.

    • Lauren

      But the backyard is advertised as being shaded and attractive. Lol. Not a good deal given the condition of the house.

  • Anony

    That stove in the basement looks like a death trap. Open flamed gas cooktop shoved in a nook with wood cabinets hanging over the side.

  • Anonymous

    Is the “shady fenced rear yard” attributable to the neighbor’s bump back?
    It also seems as though there are two full bathrooms, one upstairs and one in the basement, not one and a half, as listed.
    Agree about the funky arrangement of appliances in the basement, and of course there is no dishwasher in the kitchen.

  • jim_ed

    Easily 100K over actual market value. Mix of ductless and window shakers would be a) expensive to run b) a nightmare to get a balanced house temp. That walk to Metro is also an unpleasant one across a very busy New Hampshire and drag strip of N Cap. It might be worth this is closer to Georgia, but outside of that rundown strip mall on NH, it’s convenient to very little.

    • jdegg

      Not true. I walk from NH to Fort Totten everyday. I live near here. Yeah, the strip mall is not great, but this is a very safe neighborhood. A home like this recently sold for over $400K and the new owner probably put $75K into the house. It is now spectactular.

  • quincy dude

    Someone should tell the RE that “shaded” would be a better language choice than “shady.”

    • andy

      I was just thinking that if I wasn’t married, my dating profile would definitely include “shady but attractive.”

  • textdoc

    I can’t believe the real estate agent didn’t get the backyard mowed before having photographs taken.
    It’s not just unsightly or unkempt — it’s well over DCRA’s limit of 8 inches high.

    • Anonymous

      That yard needs a lot more than just to be mowed. I would assume the agent recommended that the seller do something with it before listing, but how much is the agent responsible for fixing up a place before listing it? Especially when listing it “as is”, a.k.a needs a lot of work.

      • quincy dude

        A motivated agent would at least get out a weedwacker and knock it down to size. It’d take less than an hour and could make a big difference.


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