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GDoN “Original woodwork & detail merged with modern upgrades” edition

by Prince Of Petworth May 4, 2017 at 12:00 pm 23 Comments

2129 15th St NW

This house is located at 2129 15th Street, NW. The MRIS listing says:

“Original woodwork & detail merged with modern upgrades and amenities to create a one-of-a-kind property loaded with character. Steps from U St, metro, and off-street parking avail.. Across from Meridian Hill Park, this house provides the best of urban living. Separately metered English bsmt., deep front/backyards, exposed brick, central air/heat & radiators, pocket doors. Agent is owner.”


You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/2.5 bath is going for $949,000.

  • MHillPark

    This is beautiful. Provided you can live with the minimal cabinet space in the kitchen, this place is a dream. I think it will go over list.

  • soozles

    I agree. Fantastic house that hasn’t been destroyed by flippers. I like the kitchen layout and, of course, the pocket doors. I’m thinking this goes $1M +

  • Trees

    The stain on the wood is a bit dark for my liking, I would prefer unstained wood or a lighter choice.

    I’m curious what folks think this home would go for if located in North Columbia Heights of South Petworth. It seems like this area of Ust. gets a premium. So I’m curious how much of close to $1mill price tag is features of home or location.

    • JS

      A house sort of similar to this one sold for over a million on Park Rd between 11th & Sherman. I think this one is priced low to start a bidding war.

    • textdoc

      Stained wood in houses from this era is usually about that color. You’re unlikely to find it unstained or in a lighter color — generally, either it’s this color or it’s been painted white.

      • soozles

        It’s probably coated with shellac that is old. You can remove it with denatured alcohol, which lightens it up significantly. That’s what I did with my dark trim. Much improved.

  • MCR

    This is a GREAT deal if the house is in as good of a shape as it looks. I think there’s a decent chance that there are some undisclosed issues with the house given its age, but if there’s not, this will go well over asking.

  • condoer

    Wish I could afford this! What’s the situation with the parking? Are they offering rental parking in a near-by lot or is that a deeded spot behind the house?

    • textdoc

      Parking for a regular fee-simple rowhouse usually isn’t separately deeded.
      Google Maps shows there being no alley behind this house. I assume by “off-street parking avail.” the real estate agent must’ve meant something like rental parking being available somewhere nearby… but IMO it’s deceptive to say that in the listings without specifying exactly what that means.

      • P

        There is an alley there. Hard to tell if it’s a foot alley or drive-able, but there is an alley behind the house, and from street view from W st, one can view a car in there, but no way to get in without jumping the W st. curb, provided no one is parked at the end when you want in or out. And the southern end looks to bottleneck to a foot alley, odd.

      • Anonymous

        I’m looking closely at google maps satellite images and I think there is an alley behind the house. There’s an alley of 155th street (between the church and the row of houses) and then there’s an alley off of that alley that goes behind the row of houses.

        • Anonymous

          *15th street

      • textdoc

        Let me rephrase that: Google Maps shows there being no alley _in white_ behind the house. I don’t know what Google’s criteria are for showing an alley in white vs. in gray, but my guess is that alleys in gray are narrower and/or can’t readily be driven through.

        • soozles

          I thought it meant they just haven’t mapped it, like you can’t drag the little yellow person down for an alley view.

    • JS

      There’s a big church parking lot next door. I bet that’s what the agent is referring to.

  • cachito

    This is stunning. I don’t think there’s a single thing I dislike about it.

  • MtP

    I agree with the other posters, unless there is something totally wrong with this house, it has to be at least $150,000 underpriced, if not more for the size and location.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Lovely! Though I find having a bar with seats right next to the dining room table a little weird.

  • Classic

    Wow, I love it. Not too many left like this. I’m not crazy about cabinet space and that fridge, which reminds me of the 90’s, but I’m enchanted by maybe 10 foot ceilings and all the transoms and doors. For me, the tiny porch out back is made up for by that great patio, and the front space and that awesome public planter box makes up for the lack of grass in back. The basement apt looks cramped, but nicely fixed up, should be no problem to get high rent in this location. The third bedroom appears small, good nursery? I love the quiet separation of set-back from street/one way street homes.


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