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GDoN “full of visual surprises and detailed luxury” edition

by Prince Of Petworth May 3, 2017 at 12:00 pm 36 Comments

1651 New Jersey Ave NW

This house is located at 1651 New Jersey Ave, NW. (Ed. Note: This house has also been a “House of the Day” approximately a dozen times over the years. So psyched to get a peek inside.) The MRIS listing says:

“Every once in a while, an architect creates a unique home that stirs conversations and offers something truly creative. From the Geoffrey Meyers’ sculpture in the front garden to the modern take on a bay window, this contemporary Shaw row house is full of visual surprises and detailed luxury. 2 BR + Den (potential 3rd BR) Master suite feels like a luxury, boutique hotel. Roof terrace + parking.”


You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2.5 bath is going for $1,094,000.

  • SultanofShaw

    Wow I really like that diner style dining area with the bench, a great casual space that still has some separation via the living room area because of the ledge. Obviously wish the living area was bigger for entertaining but I guess for a 2br that’s what you get. Gorgeous!

  • ET

    While this isn’t to my taste I can appreciate that they went for it. Which is in direct contrast to the situation just to the left which just looks like a flipper that didn’t want to waste money on the rationalizing the look on the front. Of course this place is for a person(s) that has a particular style and lifestyle so it isn’t for everyone. I have a feeling the layout will date itself very fast but it is intended for people who either has this aesthetic and don’t want to do anything at all or who have the money and will gut whatever they buy regardless of how nice it is.

  • lina

    Unique design, and beautiful finishes. However, why is there a staircase (to the rooftop?) right in the middle of the master suite bedroom/bathroom combination? And why the concept of combined bedroom/bathroom to begin with?

  • hungeegirl

    That second bedroom has NO PRIVACY whatsoever…

    • AMDCer

      It looks like there is a door at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the master, but even so, I would feel very, um – exposed – in that space. Well, at that price, I don’t have to worry about it…

    • Anon

      Privacy from whom, exactly? This isn’t exactly meant for someone living with roommates.
      It also seems like that entire floor is closed off from below, so it wouldn’t be an issue with occasional guests.

      • Colhi

        I’m married. I live with my husband and I don’t need him to see everything I am doing in the bathroom.

        • DF

          Same here! Or, we live on different schedules so if someone is trying to shower or get ready while the other is sleeping, it’s gonna suck.

        • Anon

          Seems like you’re not interested in this property, and that’s just fine.

          • No one wants to watch their partner scrubbing his balls or shaving her armpits. This open bathroom is ridiculous by any measure. Sure – we can be all “well you’re not interested and that’s just fine” when we’re talking about the space ship operating room kitchen (i.e. not my taste.) But a bathroom open like that to the master bedroom? Always, unequivocally wrong on any level for any person. (OK – maybe not those tiny house hunter hippies building a yurt.)

  • johnny on h

    I’m wondering how long this kitchen with no upper cabinets fad is going to last. It looks nice, but it’s going to be a real pain when it comes time to actually use the kitchen.

    • danger dave

      I thought of that, but because it’s so slim, it might have restricted use the counter if there were cabinets… not saying I like it, or that it’s smart.

    • vramin

      There are upper upper cabinets on one side of the kitchen.
      We designed our galley kitchen the same way. We have plenty of storage space, but it gives a much less cluttered feel, which is a big issue when designing a galley kitchen.

  • quincy

    Not a kitchen that’s going to see any cooking – but I do like the idea of a coffee maker in the closet!

  • JDR

    That’s really cool. I have to wonder though, what kind of person prefers to have a wide open bathroom in the middle of their bedroom? I’ve noticed it’s a trend. I don’t understand it. Can anyone explain?

    • lina


    • Anon

      Likely younger folks with few body-image issues.

      • anonfortoday

        Or a very fit DINK situation

      • Surprise – there are actually many folks, both old and young, with “few body-image issues.” They still don’t want to watch the quotidian ablutions of their beloved partner.

    • Dash Newton

      Seems like it wouldn’t be a great situation for couples with different morning schedules.

    • No. No one can explain because there is no explanation.

  • danger dave

    I would have a dining area where the living room is on the first floor, as I think this diner style table is very limiting… especially for a 1,500sf, $1M, 2 bedroom. The step down to that area is nice… until you are holding food. There is a sitting room / tv area on the second floor makes more sense.

    Also, the doors out to the ground floor patio look like they belong in a retail store… I think they look cheap.

    • soozles

      Totally agree about the doors. The front door is like that as well. They look just as you said, and I hate them. Also, there are not photos of what you actually walk into when you open the front door. This just shows the kitchen. I’m thinking for my million, I want an actual dining room so i can entertain and show the place off, not that I have a million.

  • CatieCat

    1. As others have said, not my style, but i do appreciate that it is something different.

    2. I used to live around the corner and i always loved the look of this place from the street, and the statue! Though that gate is so impractical! Why have a gate at all?

    3. For being on a big street, NJ Ave isnt that bad around here, because you are right before it essentially dead ends at Florida. I would rather live here than on Rhonde Island or Florida in Shaw/Truxton

    4. I LOVE these huge front yards, but I guess they were all built together at the expense of having a back yard? For privacy reasons I would prefer a backyard, but the other houses on this block do use their front yards a good amount.

    5. Still think it’s overpriced, but what do i know!

    • Anon

      Re: gate – I believe that most houses on the street have fences/gates, so it would stand out somewhat awkwardly without it. Also, the current gate still serves as a welcoming deterrent (perhaps at a subconscious level). This stretch has improved significantly since the time this house was built, so perhaps the OG owners wanted some sense of deterrent.

      • Didn’t even notice at first that the “gate” was not actually a gate! How funny! It is just a metal frame. Maybe a lame attempt at some Dada thing.

  • Ward One Resident

    I assume the chain link fence is the neighbor’s responsibility, but if I had the money to have that house, I would pay my neighbor to change that chain link fence. Yuck.

  • anonfortoday

    This house has always been a bit too cool for the block. That being said, I’m sure it will go over ask.

  • Anonymous

    Quite a few idiosyncratic choices here. It would have been nice to see a floor plan, but it seems pretty clear that if you enter the house from the front yard, you are going directly into the kitchen, and need to make your way through the kitchen to get to the livingroom or stairs to other levels (and hope no one else is preparing food there as you work your way through the narrow galley kitchen to reach the rest of the house).
    As noted earlier, the glass walls on the master bedroom (at least the toilet area has opaque walls) might be of limited appeal. There also seem to be a couple counter height refrigerators scattered through the house, one in the master closet and another on the deck, guess that is to appeal to noshers (who might not be the folks who like glass-walled bathrooms.)

  • asdf

    I like it a lot, but the place strikes me a really cool VRBO/AirBnB situation for a short vacay, not an actual home.

  • maxwell smart

    I’m underwhelmed and feel like many of the design decisions are better suited for a hotel (glass bathroom) than a home.

  • lmfb

    Overall, this place looks really nice. I don’t think it would fit my life, but that rooftop with a wet bar is very nice. But what is with the low windows–is there a benefit to that that I’m missing? Also, not that it’s unique to this design, but why do people want to take a bath in a big open (aka cold) room–what is this trend?

  • VoyeurIGuess

    This whole house is not my usual style, but looks extremely sexy to me!

  • Curious Neighbor

    I walk by this place all the time and have always wondered about that custom numbered front gate. I’ve tried googling around and looking on Etsy and similar sites, but haven’t come close. Anyone have an idea of where/how to get something similar?


  • Duponter

    I get the distinct feeling Victoria does not like this listing.

  • textdoc

    Ugly on the exterior, and ugly and plain weird on the interior.
    And why no upper cabinets in the kitchen??


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