GDoN “Charming Mediterranean-Style” edition

by Prince Of Petworth May 12, 2017 at 12:00 pm 29 Comments

3815 Veazey St NW

This house is located at 3815 Veazey Street, NW. The MRIS listing says:

“Charming Mediterranean-Style Semi-Detached Home w/Old World Charm! Metro, Restaurants, & Shopping only moments away! Highly Sought-After North Cleveland Park Location! 4 Spacious Bedrooms (4th BR in attic) and 3 Full Baths! Dining Room opens to Gorgeous Garden & 2 Car Garage! LL w/Cozy Family Room, Full Bath, & Extra Storage Space. Beautiful Stucco facade & arched windows/doorways throughout.”


You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3 bath is going for $989,000.

  • Does any one else sing Easy Street from Annie in their head, but substituting Veazey every time they see this street named? Just me?

    • bruno

      No. But a female neighbor’s surname is “Guy” and I find myself singing, “I know a gal named Guy.”

  • AMDCer

    Love this!

  • wdc

    I love it. We looked at less attractive houses in that neighborhood 10 years ago, and they were already around a million. What’s wrong with this one?? Bidding war price?

    • James W.

      The entryway is pretty rough looking, the window frames aren’t updated (nor are many of the windows), most of the interior doors and doorframes are out of true. I don’t see any ductwork for central air. The eaves and gutters look a bit rough. In other words, the place looks good from a distance, but I imagine a walkthrough and inspection makes this much less of a deal than it appears from photos.

  • Gorgeous. Exactly what I would want if I had a million to spend.

  • stacksp

    So many variations of what a million dollars buys in this city. There used to be a show called “What you get for the money?” on HGTV I believe. That really would be interesting to see in our area on a consistent basis. Yesterday a half a house in Columbia Heights was posted for virtually the same price.

    • GabbackinDC

      had the same thoughts!

  • Guillermo Brown

    I stared at this one yesterday, so here are my Debbie Downer comments:
    – One of the bedrooms (the one with the desk) looks tiny
    – Another bedroom is the attic (probably super hot and cold)
    – Textured walls
    – For me, the living space is small on the main level. Seems a little chopped up down there
    – The kitchen is totally detached/on its own, so if you’re cooking, you’re also on your own

    Overall it’s cool and unique and has other positives but it’ll probably go for over a mil. Also, that street is awesome

    • Duponter

      I was surprised to see 2600 square feet, to be honest. Every room seems really small even using the magic real estate lens. But I definitely think it’ll sell for more. And it’s adorable, but I’d want a little more yard in Cleveland Park or I’d feel inferior to all my neighbors. Ha.

    • anon

      My response to seeing this house is “move me in.”
      Sure, it’s not huge in any way – but it is fine for one (me). For many more than that, a bit cramped maybe. One of the bedrooms in a two room deep row house (here in a duplex rather than a row) will always be small, and one will be used (by me, anyway) as a dressing room due to lack of adequate closet space. That tiny room would work well for that.
      The textured walls just go with the Mediterranean style of the place – a deal breaker for some, I can be fine with it where consistent with house style.
      I don’t mind a separate kitchen at all, as long as it is sunny, has enough storage and counter space, and you can fit a few people in it at once. To me, opening up the kitchen to the living space is best when done to correct for one of those conditions – otherwise, I’d leave them closed off. A deal breaker for those who need the one big room layout, but I prefer this.
      Attic has an AC in the wall, as does the basement. And you can always insulate the roof and walls if that hasn’t been done over the years. Some buyer will likely add central air (or mini splits) to this place eventually anyway. And the attic has a couple of nice, big radiators – not all attics do – many need supplemental baseboard heating when converted to living space.
      I can deal with having no grassy yard to take care of, as long as I have some outdoor space to lounge and dine and have potted plants in.

    • Rich

      The square footage seems inflated–attic as bedroom shouldn’t count. Even places from this era will have at least one tiny bedroom. Textured walls fit the Mediterranean motif. They were a thing when the house was built and its amazing that they still have them. That said, they are more difficult to paint, etc. but it also means you probably have plaster walls rather than drywall. They probably sacrificed a breakfast nook (also typical of this period) to fit in the large contemporary appliances—more steps for serving but no one has to look at your dirty dishes, messy counters, etc.

      It has far more character than the norm and that probably mitigates the inflated square footage and makes it a decent deal.

      • anon

        I think they also included the basement, in addition to the attic, in the (very, very inflated) sq. footage – property records show this as 1470 sq. ft. – which is why it doesn’t seem large for a house – it isn’t.

  • Tee

    Astounded that I’m saying this, but at $989K, this is a deal

  • anonymous2u

    $380 per square foot? Something is off

    • HaileUnlikely

      The square footage is off. It’s clearly inflated by a fair amount. The provided floor plan will basically confirm that (if adhering to norms about what can be counted and what can’t be)

  • ArchaeoG

    Love this but that front door looks kind of chintzy compared to everything else. Would love to see something that mimics the entry way window (picture 3).

    • d

      Agree. I love everything about this place except the front door, but that wouldn’t keep me from bidding over asking on it if I was in the market for a house. This would be a great deal at $989k, but it’ll go for over list barring some unseen structural issues.

    • anon

      That looks to me to be a screen door there, with screening in it. I’m hoping there’s a more solid door that has been removed temporarily for repair and will be returned. Otherwise, I just don’t get living like that.

    • anon

      It may have originally been a screen door, and may still be. Google view shows the attached neighboring unit to have an open, outside porch area in the front corner with the two arches. So possibly the door just beyond the screen-looking one that is shown on the floorplan but not pictured in photos IS the entry door, and this formerly open area with arches is a porch with a screen door on one side, and the wood and glass door on the other, filling the formerly open arches
      That might make sense, given that the craftsmanship on the arched window panes in the archways seems off to me – perhaps they aren’t original.

  • LedroitTigah

    I don’t really know the area, but I think the house is truly charming and a good deal for the space relative to downtown living (which obviously offers its own benefits – and as I say this as a LeDroit resident myself)

    When I was a kid still living with my parents, I would have given half an arm to have a room like the one in the attic – its the stuff my 80s kid fantasies were made of.

    • anon

      I have fantasies as an adult as to what I could do with that attic space!

  • CPdude

    That is priced absurdly low for the area. Look at the recent sales around that area and everything is 1MM or above, including fixeruppers. This will be an interesting one to watch bid up, especially given that families looking to move into the Hearst or Murch area will be clamoring for this one.

  • textdoc

    I don’t like the backsplash in the kitchen — looks like shaped faux-bricks instead of plain subway tiles — but overall I really like the house. And if I were partnered and had kids, this would seem like a great way of getting into a good school district.

  • Bloomy

    Is the floor plan missing a door to one of the bedrooms?

    • lizcolleena

      ha ha I think you’re right, unless you can only access bedroom 3 by going through bedroom 2, out the terrace and into 3.

    • anon

      Yes, has to be – and that’s something I common see in floorpans, which lack of detail, considering how detailed these plans usually are, surprises me.

  • lizcolleena

    Love it, but about double what I could afford to spend. Sweet.

  • anon

    even if you discount the attic as a proper bedroom, this house is very well priced. Compare to other 3 BR/2 BA around here and it’s easily in line plus accessory dwelling. Good balance between original details and updates. 2nd/3rd BR easily big enough for 2 kids and attic/basement are nicely finished for extra space. 2 car garage and IB for Deal/Wilson. Only knock is that it’s attached


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