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GDoN “a carriage house built in 1890 and converted to a home” edition

by Prince Of Petworth May 25, 2017 at 11:55 am 16 Comments

This carriage house is located at 1809 20th Street, NW. The MRIS listing says:

“Located in Dupont Circle’s Historic District. Rare property – a carriage house built in 1890 and converted to a home – a true oasis with a unique history! This special 2 bdrm + den, 2.5 bth home offers approx 2400 sq ft of living space – open floorplan on main – unbelievable entertaining space with cathedral ceilings. Plus an outdoor brick patio, upper level deck.and garage for 1-2 cars.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2.5 bath is going for $1,450,000.

  • LittleBluePenguin

    I really want to like this place, and it’s certainly unique, but the camera angles are so distorting that I don’t feel like I’m able to get any real sense of the space. I’m also not sure I’m sold on the color schemes here. I think this might be one you have to see in person…..

    • asg

      agree. the layout also seems bizarre… you’ve got 2 sitting areas on the first floor that are almost next to one another, but not quite. and it looks like the dining room is right where the front (or back) door is. seems like they could’ve maximized the use of space far better.

    • Formerly ParkViewRes

      Same, I was going to say I thought I would love this place, but I don’t. There’s WAY TOO MUCH exposed brick and then with the wood on the ceiling too it’s just too much going on. It has a loft feel to me, and I love lofts, but then the colors and decorating feel like grandma’s house? However, someone with a lot of money could buy it and renovate it into what they want.

    • Blithe

      Yep! Love the building, hate the interiors. I’m not sure if part of it is the way it was photographed? There’s something odd about the colors — and it looks fake, but I’m not sure why. I love exposed brick, but I hate the wood on the ceiling and the flooring — and I’m wondering if it’s actually “wood” — which doesn’t make sense for this price. I hate the layout. And at this price it doesn’t make sense to plan an immediate renovation.

  • hungeegirl

    So much RED! MY EYES! No deal. Bring back that mid century house in Brookland!

  • Frank

    1100 square feet for 1.45m. The pictures attempt to make it seem bigger. It’s a very nice 2 BR but as a Dupont owner with multiple properties, I am very, very rich if they can get $1300/sq foot for this place.

    • Bobert

      There’s no way this is 1,100 sqft. The listing claims 2,400 of living space, though that’s likely stretching things by quite a bit.

  • Weird mish-mash of styles here…from the industrial piping to the red brick to wood to the bright blue in the kitchen ceiling. And I agree with LBP that the camera angles make it hard to get a sense of proportion.

  • Cranky Old Bastard

    These pictures literally hurt my eyes.

  • Carey

    If you don’t mind sharing it with horse ghosts, it’s a great little place. Not a good deal, though. These types of homes in places like Dupont remind me of customized/restored cars. Someone buys a cheap POS, spends tens or hundreds of thousands on fixing it up, then they get upset when they lose money on it when they try to sell. Though in this case, there’s probably somebody out there with more money than smarts who will pay this price.

  • DupontRefugee

    This house was my backyard neighbor for 10 years and I always wondered what it looked like inside! I used to live in the President Madison apartments, which is one of the two big apartment buildings that wrap around the block. The only downside is the alley this house is in is very loud. I moved out of President Madison in part because any music or conversations or parties just bounce around back there and get amplified. I can’t imagine living in the middle of that alley no matter how pretty the house.

  • theharleyquinn

    The current layout kind of ruins the industrial foundation of this place. This would look great with a different color palette and a more modern feel

  • Deebs

    Trying to see it without grandma’s furniture, there’s a lot of potential. Refinish the floors, paint the walls, replace some of the chandeliers and it’s mostly there. What’s up with the windows being all boarded from the inside?

    • Anonymous

      I think those are wooden blinds or shades that are on many of the windows.
      Also seems like they didn’t try to stage the second bedroom as a bedroom, but instead as a second sitting area, probably because otherwise, it would be clear how the two bedrooms are right on top of each other.

  • Brett M

    Looks nice, but it’s still in an alley.

  • Jay

    This would be the PERFECT place to stage a 1980’s Laura Ashley photo shoot.



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