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GDoN “Nestled in between Columbia Heights & Petworth Metros” edition (reader request)

by Prince Of Petworth April 20, 2017 at 12:00 pm 14 Comments

650 Newton Pl NW

This unit is located at 650 Newton Place, NW. The MRIS listing says:

“REDUCED! Enjoy the Conveniences of City Life in this Top Level 2 Bed, 2 Bath Condo Nestled in between Columbia Heights & Petworth Metros! Open Floor Plan with Skylight and Exposed Brick. Outdoor Space and In Unit Laundry! Granite Counters and SS in Kitchen. Gas Cooking! Low Condo Fee. Fresh Paint and New Carpet with Hdwds in Kitchen/Living Area. 92 Walk Score!”


You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $459,000 ($188 monthly fee.)

  • Accountering

    That fee is going to be going up soon, or get ready for an assessment when you need to do anything!

  • prince-of-parkview

    I live on this block. Lots of people hanging out on the streets. Infamous bike guy who blasts ‘Thriller’ on loop loves to hang out in front of this building – pretty annoying.

    I’d avoid purchasing on that side of the street because I’m certain that laundromat will sell in the next few years and develop a big apartment/condo building, blocking your deck view and all your light.

    • duke-of-parkview

      I also live on this block and have for two years….there’s a few reasons it’s so cheap compared to anything on the adjacent blocks

      Look, people won’t bother you if you don’t bother them or throw shade, but a lot of my friends find it very intimidating to walk down the block between the people, the constant odor of pcp/crack, the abundance of used needles, and the litter. The city should just admit there’s an issue and put some goddamned trash cans on the block instead of pretending there’s no problem.

      One of the old ladies on the block made it very clear in no uncertain terms that I should not walk in the alley under any circumstances after dark. I quickly learned what she meant after completely disregarding her advice and walking up on two gentlemen using my trash can lids to prepare their needles…

      It’s not a lawless hellhole and the people who actually live on the block are quite friendly and neighborly, but just be aware that there’s basically an open air drug market on the stoop pictured most days. You won’t be bothered in the slightest by them, but their clientele is a different story.

      • James W.

        huh… $500 a square foot with no underlying property is “so cheap”? also, can we just stop with the listings that include 10 photos of businesses that are almost a mile away?

      • dcd

        Uh . . . Compare “It’s not a lawless hellhole” with “the constant odor of pcp/crack . . . two gentlemen using my trash can lids to prepare their needles . . . there’s basically an open air drug market on the stoop pictured most days.”

  • llucas

    Although the bedrooms are a nice size, that living room / dining area is tiny — can’t even fit a sofa in there.

  • Bloomy

    a lot of poorly designed spaces and layout choices make this appear to be a way worse deal than it might otherwise be…

  • Sarah

    I viewed this place and it was an immediate no. What they fail to tell you in the listing is that the unit is at the top of 2 extremely steep flights of stairs (one directly inside the door to the building, the other directly inside the door to the unit). The layout was extremely strange (the bedroom could easily have been two rooms, while the living room was nearly non-existent, and the bathrooms felt shoe-horned in), and the deck was rotted enough that we didn’t even attempt to stand on it. For the deck problems alone, buyer definitely beware.

  • CS

    I think I’m finally starting to understand my designer friends who complain about fonts. I think those canvas overhangs can cheapen up the look of a building as it is, and I’m saying this as someone who lives in a building with said overhangs, but that font and it’s placement! And that apostrophe! At least on my building it’s a benignly designed logo which is placed appropriately and has no excess/confusing punctuation (is this the building of many Daniels, or the building of Mr. Daniels?). I would go crazy living in the building every time I entered it.

  • North Cleveland Park

    I rented the identical unit next door in 2011-2012! The third floor walk up was aggressive for everything from grocery shopping to moving. We also had the security door break and actually lock us IN to the vestibule. That stretch of Newton wasn’t perfect, but we never had any issues with the neighbors. Besides someone getting shot in July or August at the gas station on Georgia, the worst we ever experienced was seeing two guys fooling around behind the laundromat dumpsters.

  • Daniel in Park View

    I second the Duke’s comment. I live about two blocks away and frequently walk up this block to get home from Georgia Ave. There’s litter all over the place and plenty of folks hanging out on the street or in the vestibule of the apartment building a few doors down. I know one of the guys who has lived there for a long time, and none pay me any mind (except the young gentleman who complimented my suit that one time!) but I would worry about the noise, that friends unfamiliar with the block would be intimidated, and about non-locals coming around and making trouble.

  • HillEast

    i love how they say it’s nestled between the two metros, considering the location is southeast of Georgia Ave-Petworth.

    • anonymous2u

      Yes, it is called Park View. I figured you’d understand, @HillEast

  • rnadom

    We checked this place out – the building is in poor condition and in a not so great part of Newton


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