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GDoN “DC’s newest Whole Foods being built 2 blocks away” edition

by Prince Of Petworth April 18, 2017 at 12:00 pm 41 Comments

2117 10th gdon

This unit is located at 2117 10th Street, NW. The MRIS listing says:

“Spacious 1bd + den unit in ideal U St location. Open floor plan easily allows for a full sized dining table and living room set with maple floors running throughout. Large den serves as a perfect office/tv room/nursery. Walkthrough master closet has two walls of storage. Extra storage located in basement. 10 minute walk to U St/Cardoza Metro. DC’s newest Whole Foods being built 2 blocks away.”


You can see more photos here.

This 820 square foot 1 bed/1 bath is going for $530,000 ($260 monthly fee.)

  • JS

    This could also have been titled “DC’s newest homeless shelter being built next door,” but for some reason that didn’t make the cut.

    • Anon

      I street will never be the same… honestly surprised that Whole Foods hasn’t backed out and 930 isn’t looking to move stat.

      • Anon

        *U street

      • JS

        Well, there’s no place like North End Shaw!

      • Guillermo Brown

        Ha, why would Whole Foods back out over 1 homeless shelter being built nearby? This comment makes no sense

        • stacksp


        • GBinCH

          Nor does the comment about the 930 club. Maybe people have forgotten how bad this area used to be back when they opened…lots of gentrification and one smallish homeless shelter does not a bad neighborhood make.

          • FridayGirl

            +1000. This is ridiculous. It’s as if the commenter hasn’t noticed the dozens of homeless people who still “live” around U Street as it is.

          • AMDCer

            Not to mention 9:30 club’s original location!

          • Anon

            You guys….

        • anon

          that was sarcasm, i think.

          • Anon


      • anon 2

        Talking of WF, does anyone have an idea when this new Whole Foods will open?

        • LedroitTigah

          PoP posted about this a week or so ago – I think theyre aiming to have groundbreaking later this year, with project completion targeted at 2020.

      • logandude

        What’s more likely is that Whole Foods will back out because their chain-wide sales are dropping and vulture investors are starting to circle.

        • Michael Pierce

          I keep wondering if someone totally unexpected is going to acquire Whole Foods. Like Walmart, for example.

          • Anon

            Or Amazon…

        • Anonymous

          I would be surprised if they back out of a potentially very high grossing store…

          • Bryan

            I get the feeling that that is a terrible area for a Whole Foods. The rent is likely to be astronomical for the company and the area is already over saturated in bougie grocery stores. From my place at 10th and U I can walk to Glen’s and Trader Joes whenever I want, or walk to Whole Foods, Giant, or Harris Teeter if willing to walk further. If in a car because I have just bought out the entire store, the drive to Trader Joes in about 2 minutes or Whole Paycheck takes less than 5 minutes. I really don’t see how this store is going to be able to make a killing.

          • Anon

            I thought my sarcasm was obvious, but I guess we have a pretty dense crowd today. This WF is going to mint money, objections above notwithstanding. The short-term homeless shelter isn’t going to impact anything either, save for a handful of utterly myopic neighbors.

          • Anon

            Also, if you live at 10/U and you think that WF amounts to “Whole Paycheck”, you have some serious budgeting issues.

          • Anonymous

            Bryan, have you ever been in the 14th and P Whole Foods? It goes gangbusters. I see no reason to suspect this new store won’t do the same.

      • Bryan

        Wait why would 930 ever want to move? It is in an amazing spot.

        • textdoc

          And they own the building, so they don’t have to worry about rent increases.

          • Bryan

            That is wonderful to hear. I just hope they remain as kick ass and amazing forever.

    • Anony

      You’re right, that is literally next door!

  • Anonnomnom

    Can we just discuss the gilded bull head hung over the toilet?

    • Anon

      Ultimate power move. Love it!

    • andy2


      • andy2

        Bull$hit…typing too fast.

  • maxwell smart

    I can’t say I am a fan of the exposed CMU block in this apartment. If the rest of the finishes had a more industrial/minimal aesthetic, then it could be cool – but in this context it just seems cheap and unfinished.

    • west_egg

      Near the entrance? That actually looks like ceramic tile to me, that’s meant to *look* like CMU or some other kind of stone. Personally I think it’s kinda cool (if that’s what it is).

      • maxwell smart

        That’s even worse – faux CMU. It’s like vinyl “wood” floors. Gross. I guess if it’s time you can chip it off the wall and refinish.

  • bluewhite

    Isn’t the newest Whole Foods in DC going in Navy Yard?

    • Anon

      Well that’s not gonna help sell this unit, eh?

    • Anonymous

      Nope, this one will open later.

  • It’s 10 min from u street metro if you are crawling on all fours. 2 blocks in 10 min?

    • Bryan

      Unless the WMATA decides to shut down the 10th street escalator for a year after repairing the 13th street one. Then I suppose it could be a “10 minute walk.”

      I am surprised they are using the whole foods as the only selling point. A 5 minute walk from 9:30 club, izakaya seki, one of the best taco places next door in tacos el chilango, all the bars in both Shaw and U Street within walking distance, and typically available street parking. But yes, focus on the Whole Foods.

  • DS
    • Anon

      3hr round trip commute? That’s all you, bud.

    • stacksp

      You do not even have to go that far out.


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