GDoN “AMAZING Dupont location!” edition

1730 New Hampshire Ave

This unit is located at 1730 New Hampshire Ave, NW. The MRIS listing says:

“DIVE INTO DUPONT ~ Start with AMAZING Dupont location! Add terrace-level condo with wood floors, granite counters, exposed-brick, newer stainless-steel appliances, two bedrooms, double-vanity bathroom, loads of storage. Unit includes W/D and brand-new HVAC system. Even shared outdoor space for bbq or more!”


You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $465,000 ($444 monthly fee.)

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  • Not a legal 2 bedroom

    • +1, although in fairness the square footage isn’t bad although the unit looks a 2-300 square feet smaller than what has been declared. As a 1+den basement unit, the price is probably somewhat on target.

    • And there is no way that’s 2,000 sq. ft. All in you’re looking at about $3K a month incl. tax and condo fee. Not terrible, but not great for a basement.

  • Sometimes I feel like 75% of the units in DC are below ground. Or maybe it’s just the ones I can afford.

    • haha, yeah same here. I think it’s just that the 2 br units above ground are over our budget by so much that I don’t even notice their existence.

      • Sometimes you really need to go see the unit in person to get a feel for its location in relation to the building. My condo is a good example of that. I saw it on Zillow and from the pictures I couldn’t really tell if it was ground level or below ground- the description didn’t really clarify it either. I went to see it in person and had minimal expectations but was very pleasantly surprised when I got in. While you had to go down one level from the main lobby entrance, the unit was actually ground level due to the main lobby floor being raised one level and the fact that there was a slight ramp in the hallway corridor leading to my unit. The place was filled with light and had a nice sized terrace located off the 2nd bedroom, which you couldn’t really make out in the pictures. I learned that some of these listing are just poorly marketed and you can really find a gem if you make yourself go see it in person. That being said, this condo in the article is pretty clearly below ground and I actually think the pics probably make it look bigger than it is.

  • I have a hard time understanding why anyone would buy a basement unit, except to rent out for income. Perhaps people who like dark, cave-like homes? – I don’t know any people like that. Though I once knew someone who lived above a Vietnam vet with severe PTSD who boarded up all of his basement unit windows totally – so, that’s the market, I guess, those looking for a bunker.

    • You forgot people that like sewage backup issues. A constant problem in DC.

    • Mostly affordability. Except that somehow in DC it is now the ‘norm’ to pay half a million for a 1.5 bedroom basement with zero distinguishing features. Welcome to the bubble.

    • Anonomnom

      We bought a 2 bed 2 bath basement unit as our first place. Was what we could afford, in a good location, and had oversized windows and glass french doors (builder dug out 11 foot wide front and back patios so they could do big windows). I agree some can be cavelike, but others aren’t bad choices for a first home in a safe neighborhood where other units sell for 100-200K more.

      • I don’t see them being priced better than other non-basment places in other just as nice areas. I guess I would choose a different neighborhood and pay the same there rather than live in a basement.

    • It’s about affordability, esp. if you can get nice space. I looked at one place that was very tempting. The light wasn’t bad and it had 2 actual bedrooms and a decent sized living room & kitchen. OTOH, I had owned a hose with drainage issues and so I decided against the possibility of having to battle moisture again, whether it was mold, flooding, etc. When considering the limited light, the contrast should be units that have too many windows which means buying a lot curtains/drapes, dealing with high A/C bills, etc.