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  • Don’t Quote Me

    Hmmm – I pretty sure that housed a restaurant in 2012-2015

    • “Hmmm – I pretty sure that housed a restaurant in 2012-2015” 100% false.

      • MadMax

        Yeah, definitely not.

  • ejh

    hmm i wish it was something more interesting, but i guess it’s good its not vacant

    • MadMax

      +1, even if I only use it once a year I’m happy that something is there instead of this blight.

  • Joe

    But do they do passport photos?

    • MadMax

      According to the sign in the photo, yes.

  • Kon8th

    Agreed – nice to see a business moving in to that long vacant space. I hope it succeeds – H Street could use some variety of businesses and some non-bars/restaurants.

  • Will

    I’m really looking forward to digitizing all my real photos. Soooo happy! Thanks for sharing, Prince.

  • Victoria

    If this is a pro lab that will develop film, that would be awesome, but just scanning negatives into a digital format isn’t going to attract too many of us nerds away from District Camera, even if it is closer.

    • anon

      it says film processing. If they did B&W roll film it would be awesome.


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