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GDoN “Walking Distance To Historic Takoma” edition (reader request)

by Prince Of Petworth March 6, 2017 at 12:00 pm 21 Comments

6650 Blair Rd NW

This house is located at 6650 Blair Road, NW. OP writes: “Don’t often see these little duplexes come up for sale; would love to hear what others think.”

The MRIS listing says:

“Spacious Sun Lit Semi Detached Newly Renovated Town Home, Walking Distance To Historic Takoma Park Shops, Restaurants, And Metro!!!. -3 Spacious Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths, Gorgeous Hardwoods, Spacious Kitchen,And Sumptuous Baths On 3 Levels (Around 1500 Sq.ft)-Taxable Living Record Incorrect. *Sunroom And Quaint Fenced Rear Garden *…. Open Sunday from 2-4pm”


You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $619,000.

  • Anonamom

    Accordingto Zillow, this house was sold in December for $280k and was back on the market in February. So in two months it was completely flipped? Please check the permits, please get a full and complete home inspection. Interior walls were removed, please make sure it was done correctly so you don’t end up screwed.

    • HaileUnlikely

      FWIW I just checked and there are records of permits obtained and inspections passed. I agree with the others below though. Too close to tracks; view across busy Blair is a concrete wall much taller than the house; the stated square footage obviously includes basement (sure it’s finished but I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to count that), and price is just too high. (FWIW it blows my mind to see that unrenovated houses like this in my area – part bounded by Blair, Piney Branch, Georgia, and Aspen) are going for $400K now, give or take a bit (in the past year one has gone for $380K and another for $450K). I suppose it’s fair that a renovated one would go for a bit more, but this location has some special negatives that I have trouble looking past.

      • Anonamom

        I’m glad the permits were done and inspections past; I have a dear friend who bought a similar house in that area and was unfortunately screwed by a bad flip. I’d hate to see that happen to someone else. I also agree on the price, it seems way too high, but then I’ve been surprised by the prices un-renovated house have been going for.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Sorry to hear that. Not surprised though. I’ve seen a lot of quick/dirty/lame flip activity in the area roughly from Coolidge HS over to Georgia with similar houses.
          It’s hard for me to imagine anybody being willing to pay anything close to this for any house at this location irrespective of the details of the house. The front of this house looks straight at the Blair wall.

  • n3

    Not a bad deal. A little close to the tracks.

    I’m confused about the listing though. Is the 1500+ sq ft. including a finished basement? I thought you could only include above grade sq. footage in the advertisement. Most the houses in this neighborhood are advertised as 1054 sq ft. + finished basement.

  • jumpingjack

    This seems like a stretch on the price. It faces the train tracks, making any outdoor space much less appealing. It’s on a busy street and is ugly on the outside. The inside seems pleasant, though I’m really confused about the kitchen layout – is the kitchen in the living room? Or is that sofa where a dining table should be? Either way, it’s a weirdly tiny kitchen within in a large space.
    As a homeowner who lives nearby, I hope I’m wrong. But I would not buy this place at this price.

    • Rich

      Plain, perhaps, but hardly ugly. If you want ugly take a look at the popups all over Petworth.

      I wonder if the finished basement counts as one of the bedrooms—3 bedrooms in 1K sf are unlike to be “spacious”. And perhaps 1 of the baths is in the basement. Also, is there only one stair case and if so, which one is the real one (with or w/o carpeting?). It also would help to clarify how the sunroom is counted–no pic and sometimes, these were unheated when built.

      There are touches they could have added, like a small island in the kitchen. It looks like the 1st floor is open front to back but it’s difficult to get a sense of proportions and space. If there are 1054 sf in the main house on 2 levels, then the kitchen looks like what you’d find in a 500sf studio apartment which essentially is what you would have on the 1st floor.

    • quincy dude

      Trains. All the time. That’s all you’re gonna hear.

  • twst3d

    I live a couple blocks from here in a similarly constructed house. I agree that this seems overpriced for the location, space, and layout. That said, if this house is a quality flip and constructed like mine, the owners will enjoy a renovated house with 8.5′ basement ceilings which makes it feel like a full floor instead of a cramped space.

    The neighborhood is decent with some good perks such as the Takoma Recreation center, Downtown Takoma, and close proximity to two metro stations plus Rock Creek Park. I suspect it will sell for $520k though housing prices in this neighborhood have be climbing rapidly in the past few weeks so who knows.

  • AA

    I like the flip job. It looks pretty well done. But that stretch of Blair is pretty bleak and the road is in *terrible* condition. Road noise has got to be AWFUL right there. I think Blair is a bigger turn-off than the train tracks (though, they do contribute to the bleakness). I bet it goes for around $475k.

    • Pixie

      Same. I love Takoma but I don’t like this block of Blair Road. It’s congested, loud, busy, the sidewalks are narrow and in terrible shape (just like the road) so the houses feel really close to the street, and all the houses face the concrete wall.

  • Brightwoodian

    I love “(Around 1500 Sq.ft)-Taxable Living Record Incorrect”. Nothing incorrect about that. Converted basement space does not count as taxable living area. The basement should not be part of the dollar per square footage calculation.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I think you’re both right. The tax records list the taxable living area as 830 square feet, which I believe is indeed incorrect. There are lots of houses just like this in this neighborhood and a bit further north; the rest of them are all listed as roughly 1050 square feet give or take perhaps 20 square feet. Thus, I believe they were on firm footing in saying that the tax record is wrong, but their claim of 1500 is also bull.

  • JohnnyReb

    The realtor’s ad correctly mentions historic Takoma PARK, but your headline incorrectly calls it simply Takoma. The notion of a separation of the two dates only from the 1970’s.

    • jumpingjack

      This house is in DC, which is just Takoma. The “Historic Takoma Park Shops” referenced in the listing are in Maryland.
      There is a little commercial area in Takoma DC as well, but it’s not as often bragged in real estate listings.

  • Ej

    Visited the open house as I was interested to see how they could be asking over $600k for that size house given the specific location. I love the neighborhood, but that location is bad for all the reasons cited by others (on a busy high-speed road, directly facing solid-walled elevated, freight, commuter, Metro lines.

    +I think they did a good job with the renovation. They did an extension on the rear within the past month that adds to the sq’. The picture of the kitchen is all you get and honestly all that would fit. They managed to squeeze in a 1/2 bath on that floor. Upstairs has 2 small bedrooms with small closets. One bedroom faces the street and you can hear everything (cars and trains). The basement features small rooms. They had a desk set up in one room and a very small bed in the second (twin or smaller).
    The backyard is about 4′ deep.

    • soozles

      They don’t have a photo of the inside of that rear addition, but I’m wondering why they didn’t put the kitchen there. This kitchen looks tiny with about 3 feet of counter space.

      • Anonymous

        My guess is because a) they’d have to reroute a bunch of plumbing to put the kitchen back there and b) water pipes running into that back room would be very susceptible to freezing and bursting during very cold periods in the wintertime, and those types of additions tend to be rather cold in the winter and who wants a freezing kitchen?
        We have a sort of similar setup in my house and I am so glad that that our kitchen is not in the back room.

        • Rich

          Sunroom or sometimes “Florida Room” means only warm when the sun is out.


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