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GDoN “Chic new condos” edition

by Prince Of Petworth March 28, 2017 at 12:00 pm 16 Comments

1032 Otis St NE

This unit is located at 1032 Otis Street, NE. The MRIS listing says:

“Chic new condos w/fine detail, pro grade/energy efficient appl, smart thermostat, intercom, open fl plan, huge windows. 2 BR, 2 BA. Chef’s Kit w/island, ss appl, granite. Armstrock oak wood floor. Skylights, wall-hung toilets. Low condo fee. Common green space. Walk to Metro, local amenities, dining, transit, bikeshare, & more! Parking available for purchase.”


You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2.5 bath is going for $579,000 ($199 monthly fee.)

  • Anon

    Weren’t these mired with all sorts of delays and highly questionable construction? I wouldn’t touch these with a 10 foot pole, personally.

    • stacksp

      No. I think the delayed condos are further up 12th St. They do look the same with the wood paneling exterior etc.

    • MJinNE

      No…you are thinking of the ones at 12th and Franklin…which I believe are 90% or more sold. These look similar with the wooden exterior.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like if you push away from the counter on the kitchen island a little too vigorously, you will be tumbling down the stairs.

  • also anon

    Seems expensive when you can probably get an attached house around this area for that much with no fee and parking included. Are there any building amenities other than a “common green space”? Regardless, they will sell.

    • stacksp
      • also anon

        Sure and btw $599k seems way overpriced for that specific detached house.

      • Admittedly biased

        I just bought in this area so I have a dog in the race, but I don’t think the home you’ve posted is the best comparison point. The one in your link is out in Michigan Park whereas the listed unit is about two blocks from the Brookland metro. Obviously the unit you linked has the virtues of being a detached SFH with larger square footage, but I think the neighborhood difference is also a big part of the reason for price similarity.

        • anon

          LOL agreed not to mention one is completely new construction and the other is a partially updated old ass home. Apples to oranges even if I think the new-build condos are overpriced (I don’t know that I do).

          • stacksp

            Matter of preference but the point remains. You can find a sf home in that zip code that is similarly priced.

          • anon

            You can also find detached homes in that zip code well in excess of $1mil. And those would probably be closer in location and finishes to the condo listed. I understand your point, but also completely dismiss it.

          • stacksp

            No one was seeking your approval or validation on anything to dismiss @ anon.

          • anon

            OP anon here with apples to oranges comment…completely understand what you’re saying @stacksp, as someone who elected to purchase a wildly less updated SF home in this zip (similarly far from the metro as the one you posted) because I value the space and the yard.

            However, I don’t think i’m the target buyer for these condos and that said, i think saying “you can buy an SF home for that price point” doesn’t really matter in terms of market value for this condo and whether or not it’s a good deal (relative to other new build condos, or like the anon who joined in said, relative to other SF homes with these finishes/proximity to the metro which are $1mil plus).

    • KBkland

      Also a dog in this fight, but another comparison could be the place we bought (http://www.brooklandstation.com/) at 599 for a 3 br, 1,600 sq ft attached condo.

      Granted, these appear to have some nicer finishes, and are further from the ~*noisy trains*~ but if these sell at 579 I feel like its going to make my 599, much larger 3br look like a deal. Brookland home values seem a little weird, maybe due to what appears to be higher demand and relatively low housing stock. Nonetheless, its a great neighborhood and one of the only places we could afford a metro-accessible, 3 br home with no need for updating.

  • anon

    Pretty good deal. Would work great for a couple with one child or two roommates. Brand new and walkable to the metro and shops along 12th St. and around Monroe St. Market. Will be close to all the development around the Rhode Island metro as well.

  • soozles

    I like the “dining room.” Essentially a table a chairs between the couch and the kitchen island. LOL!


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