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GDoN “Vaulted ceilings” edition

by Prince Of Petworth February 27, 2017 at 12:00 pm 25 Comments

1117 Allison St NW #3

This unit is located at 1117 Allison Street, NW. The MRIS listing says:

“Spectacular!Vaulted ceilings,reclaimed wide plank floors,quartz counters,upgraded appliances;custom gallery lighting in living area;Nest, 2.5 baths w/designer tile & fixtures,custom lighting & bluetooth in MB.Custom closets.Spacious Balcony. Another quality conversion by Alizzi Construction.Craftsmanship & attention to detail.Heart of Petworth,minutes to metro & retail.Parking avail.”


You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $684,000 ($200 monthly fee.)

  • NH Ave Hiker

    Not the nicest part of Petworth, but a nice looking house

    • PetworthGuy

      Agreed – decent amount of crime in that area. But….that house is gorgeous and the price is fantastic. Good deal in my book.

  • asdf

    Great looking referb, but pricey for a smallish kitchen, tiny dining area, entirely common outdoor spaces (better get along with those neighbors downstairs!), and parking isn’t included in the posted sale price.

  • James W.

    $200 monthly fee for what? It’s a 2-unit converted rowhome, not a high-rise with concierge and maintenance staff.

    • stacksp


      • katemc

        Probably insurance for the shared property, electricity for the outside, etc. That’s a pretty low fee.

        • James W.

          I can ensure an entire single-family home for $800 a year. And outdoor lighting? There’s no way $4,800 is covering actual expenses here. Even if you escrow it for maintenance, you only do exterior paint or roofing every 15 or 20 years.

          • Anon

            Apples and oranges. Building insurance for this sort of a setup will run closer to $1.5-2k.

        • stacksp

          I think the point is that it doesn’t need a fee at all

          • katemc

            It does if you plan to have water, electricity, or insurance for the shared property (for example, the front and rear walls and the roof.

    • also anon

      Yeah but if it was a high rise with concierge I’d bet it would be $400-600 a month! Also this looks like 3 units- see the 3 mailboxes in the picture.

      • James W.

        Yeah, but it’s not a high-rise with concierge – that’s the point. And 3 units ups the math to a collection of $7,200 a year in fees. The question is – what do I get for that?

        • also anon

          I think you misinterpreted my comment. I’m agreeing that there are no amenities for that monthly fee but as other’s have said if it did have those types of amenities the monthly fee would certainly not be this low. Why people pay such high condo fees in DC will always be a mystery to me.

          • Anon Spock

            Because upkeep here is expensive. From masonry, burst pipes, etc, I would rather have money available and not have to sue my neighbors for major items. Even the basic stuff like repainting a large bldg or replacing carpet adds up in addition to regular bills like water or electric.

      • Anon

        This is the largest unit in the condo. They would pay the most. I would guess about 5k a yr for the entire property.
        Also, these small conversions don’t pay management companies–so whatever money is collected is either going out the door for landscaping/garbage/insurance, etc. or toward a communal reserve fund. Nothing is being wasted, and you can always reduce services and savings later on.
        I have only ever lived in large buildings with large reserve funds. I understand this is brand new, but wouldn’t a conversion like this want to build up a good 20 to 30k by about 10 yrs in for roof replacement and other meta issues. They would definitely need to build some reserve quicker than that to cover the insurance deductible.

    • Anon Spock

      To reduce infighting when something breaks. Stuff breaks. Also no condo is being sold without money in the bank.

    • Anon

      Here’s what ~$400/mo (in sum) pays for in a two condo setup:
      – shared water bill
      – building insurance (closer to $1.5-2k per year)
      – the rest goes into building the condo reserves to eventually pay for building maintenance (landscaping, roof, etc, etc)
      This is far from egregious. I’d even say it’s a little low, as the owners will likely have to come up with cash for any major near-term repairs. (But then again this looks like a brand-new flip, so hopefully there’s nothing that they’d need to cover for a long while.)

      • Also, since this is a 3-unit building, they would have to pay for their own trash service. From having contracted this for my previous small building, I know it ain’t cheap–roughly $100/month on that alone.

        • textdoc

          I don’t think that’s correct — I believe as long as it’s less than four units, a building qualifies for city trash/recycling pickup. (With for or more units, it wouldn’t.)

          • Ah, you’re right…just looked it up. (I previously lived in a 4-unit.) Well, that at least saves them some money!

    • Elkhaert

      It is a three unit actually, I think. At least it seems like there is a basement entrance and there are three mail boxes.

  • bv1837

    There are also two other units for sale in this building, for $639k & $574k.

    The wood on the wall behind the TV is strange.

    • asdf

      Yikes. $574K for a basement unit. No thanks. I paid in that range for an entirely referbed two story row-house in Columbia Heights last year. Not quite as big, but I get plenty of sunlight, private outdoor space, off-street parking, and no HOA fees.

  • msus

    I can’t imagine anyone who cooks a fair amount would be interested in this place. The kitchen is very small and seriously lacking in counter space. The tile in the bathroom with a tub is also very ugly IMO.

  • Father of Fifi

    We’ve seen this condo as well as the one below (didn’t bother with the below-ground one). Felt they were way overpriced.

    1) As mentioned, the kitchen is tiny and just really oddly placed in the flow of the home. (Imagine if your front door opened to your kitchen.) If you cook at all, it’s probably insufficient.

    2) Look at the 14th photo in the slideshow. The hallway progresses as follows from the living area:
    washer/dryer closet
    1/2 bath
    2nd bedroom
    full bath
    master suite

    Why on earth they even have the half bath here is beyond me – it’s barely more convenient than just walking to the full bath in the hall. Same thing with the unit below. All three bathrooms are really small too. Just jack-and-jill the second bathroom and make everything else bigger! Really weird design. For that price? Naw.


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