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GDoN “Contemporary new construction” edition (reader request)

by Prince Of Petworth February 23, 2017 at 12:00 pm 39 Comments

5316 9th St NW

This house is located at 5316 9th Street, NW. OP writes: “This is one of the more unique single family “homes” I have seen listed in DC.”

The MRIS listing says:

“Contemporary new construction, light filled, end unit townhome in Petworth! 1st floor has dramatic 18′ ceiling & loft, sunny kitchen w/ six burner gas range & 10′ island, large deck & parking spot. 2nd floor has 2 bedrooms w/ 2 en-suite baths, large laundry room. 3rd floor large master suite w/ huge closet & bath. And a rooftop w/ views of Washington Monument & National Cathedral! Open Sat & Sun!”


You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $799,900.

  • LittleBluePenguin

    I actually really like the interiors, but the exterior makes me sad.

    • TX2DC

      I agree with you on the exterior. it’s gorgeous on the inside.

      • bje22201

        I too agree. The exterior is the wrong color, material, or something.

        • Hill Denizen

          The color, the materials, the size and configurations of the windows, the lack of any sort of trim to give it the facade visual depth, the poor integration with the neighborhood aesthetic. This looks like some of the houses we designed in the architecture component of my 6th grade art class. Did an actual architect design this?

    • Amandal

      If you think the exterior from the front and back is back, you should see the side. It is full of strange rectangular windows that make it look like a prison.

      • Amandal

        *is bad, not back. Commenting on mobile is obviously not my forte.

    • Anon

      Well, at least they saved some serious cash on an architect? Passing the savings on to you?

      • Michael Pierce

        Oh yeah, I’m sure that’s it.

    • Rich

      I like the front, except the drainpipe distracts from the simplicity. The rear is more monotonous than prisonlike.

  • anonymous

    I really really really like…but just to far uptown for my liking. Plus I’m wondering if they are really making much of a profit with that extensive build out- compare to listing price.

    • anon

      At some point, the proximity to Kennedy Street will be a desirable thing, but not for a couple of years at least.

      • Already been waiting a couple of years

        here’s to hoping!

        • stacksp

          Yeah people have been saying that for years. I dont see any improvement personally.

        • anon

          The cidery is apparently opening next month, and there’s another bar opening a few blocks away at some point this summer. Keep hope alive.

  • JS

    It seems unfortunate that the builder went to the trouble of providing easy roof access (look at that staircase) and then didn’t actually put, you know, an actual roof deck or something up there.

    • AMDCer

      Yeah – the staircase is really nice, then you have to step out through a skylight, basically…? Seems odd. Oh, yeah, and they forgot to actually build a deck.

  • AMDCer

    For god’s sake, close the toilet seat before you take photos! The last thing I want to think about when looking at real estate is men peeing…

    • textdoc

      Better still to close the lid (not just put the seat down).

      • AMDCer

        Yeah – I meant the lid – I don’t want to think about use of the toilet by either gender while looking at a house.

  • samanda_bynes

    walk by this every day when dog-walking, had no idea it was a single family home. thought it was multiple units. very cool.

  • jim_ed

    I live close to this and walk past it nearly every day. A couple of thoughst:

    Its hard to tell in the pictures, but the masonry work on this house is really lousy craftsmanship. Also, the windows on the south side are small and in a bizarre pattern that reminds me of the Fairfax County Jail. These small windows also overlook the backyard of the house next door(which fronts Illinois), which is filled with trash and brokedown cars.
    The big issue though is the location, and who the target market for an $800K house is here. The house nearly looks right down Jefferson, and the stretch of Jefferson here between 9th and 5th has persistently been a hotspot for crime. There have been several shootings/shots fired basically right in front of this place, and I’m not sure I’d feel real comfortable with all that glass there.
    That said, the house is truly beautiful on the interior, and it conveys in person when you walk past it. This area also has sneaky good transportation, being a block from where the E line busses pick up to go to Ft Totten, and 2 blocks from the 79 which is a 5 minute ride to Petworth Metro. Also, I’m all about houses crossing the 800k mark in our neck of the woods. I hope it sells quickly and for the asking price.

    • anonymous

      That’s exactly the point of the windows. They allow natural light- but also provides privacy. As you mention- there is no view- so why put full size windows to look at junk. I like what they did.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I was going to say basically the same thing about the amount of glass in relation to the proximity to Jefferson St, but didn’t want to come across as dissing the neighborhood. I like the neighborhood, but this house seems to be an exceptionally poor fit in too many ways to list.

  • but a sucker is born every minute

    It’s amazing how often developers ignore location, location, location and assume that people will be foolish enough to buy a house over a location…

    • Have you been asleep the last two decades?

      • D

        I’m a little confused – given that this is still one of the hottest neighborhoods in DC, and even if this isn’t on the best block right now, have you ever been to NOMA? Have you seen what NOMA was in 2008 vs what it is today? (I’m not defending gentrification – just saying how fast things change in this city)

        I mean big windows — really? There are nice houses all around the neighborhood and mansions within minuts away. Is it really that poor of a fit or is it just the beginning of more and more changes in the neighborhood?

        Also –Security systems, police officers – those seem to exist in the neighborhood as well.

        • Also how ’bout Dupont Circle (depending how far you want to go back), Logan Circle, Shaw, Columbia Heights, Mount Pleasant, Capitol Hill/Hill East, H Street, NE, Trinidad, Penn Quarter/Chinatown, Park View, lower Petworth etc…

        • HaileUnlikely

          I’m guessing this was intended to be a response to my comment above rather than to Dan. My comment about the size of the windows was in relation to concern about stray gunfire (which strikes houses in this neighborhood more often than in most others, because there is quite a lot of it here!) That just doesn’t exactly make me want it. And as far as the house being the beginning of more and more changes in the neighborhood, it’s new owner will basically be strutting around blowing a trumpet proclaiming “Here we come!” Not my style.

          • D

            I mean it’s about as flashy as any new construction in the city – I again urge you to drive through all of the other neighborhoods that are rapidly changing in the city. Personally I find it rather unique – I understand your qualms but I disagree about the strutting.

            Having seen everything else that 800K buys you in DC, I think this is a lot of well-done house even though it will take time for the area to get safer etc. It’s not for everyone, I agree –

    • anon

      This is currently a “Hot Home” on Redfin, FWIW.

  • mars

    FUGLY on the outside but beautiful inside. These guys had straight up no consideration for their neighbors.

  • ExWalbridgeGuy

    I’ve never been in this situation of having to choose between a quite nice interior but a truly horrid exterior. On the one hand, you spend almost all your time inside your house and I do think people sometimes pay a silly premium for exterior finishes that don’t affect their home’s livability, but on the other hand I’m just not sure I could live with myself if I hated the exterior of my home as much as I hate the outside of this place…

    • Chris

      It’s modern – and might not ‘blend’ in with the neighboring houses – but the design is unique for DC – and the layout is pretty brilliant inside.

      Also, while it seems like everyone on this board hates it, it is trending on 3 different real estate sites. Clearly, a lot of people are into this kind of house.

      • ExWalbridgeGuy

        Not sure if you meant to respond to me or someone else. My whole dilemma is that I too am among those who like the inside of the house.

      • HaileUnlikely

        I wonder what proportion of people browsing or searching DC real estate listings are local to the area, and moreover, familiar with the neighborhood. I think the dislike for the exterior would be less in a neighborhood with lots of houses like this, or lots of new construction generally. I think the extent to which this sticks out as out-of-place in this specific location is a major motivator for the dislike, and people not familiar with the neighborhood would have to study the photos hard, look at Google Street View, etc., to pick up on that.

  • C

    What are your thoughts on price? There have been similar homes in terms of price in the 800 range within two or three blocks.

  • Paul

    Apparently “Petworth” is now anything below Silver Spring

  • Anon

    Whaddaya know, it’s under contract already.


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