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“Crime Scene on Quincy St Friday Evening?”

by Prince Of Petworth February 27, 2017 at 1:15 pm 6 Comments


“On Friday 2/24 around 6:15 pm a couple of blocks on Quincy St NW were blocked off between 9th and 10th St for what looked like an intense crime scene investigation. I was running up 10th and spoke briefly to an officer to make sure I could get into my apartment building, and he said that they were doing an investigation and that he bet I’d “see it on the news later.” An hour or so later I walked my dog down the street and the crime scene area had been reduced to a part of Quincy, an alley, and one home nearby. The officers were taking pictures of the street, and I noticed blood spatter in the cross walk at Quincy and 10th. Despite what the officer said, I haven’t seen anything anywhere in the news about what happened. Does anyone know? Hopefully the victim is ok.”

A reader also reported via email:

“I was walking the dog down Quincy and MPD were with a male with blood all down his arm next to a bike on the ground. I asked the Fire/EMS guy if he just had a bad crash and he told me he was stabbed. There was a trail of blood from down 10th so not sure where it actually happened but Quincy between 9th and 10th is closed down by MPD where he was sitting before the ambulance came. Just when I felt like nothing had happened in Petworth lately! I should add the guy got himself up and walked into the ambulance so I am hopeful he will be okay.

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