GDoN “Perfect for the Extended Family.” edition (reader request)

by Prince Of Petworth January 5, 2017 at 12:00 pm 51 Comments


This house is located at 3109 35th St, NE. The Redfin listing says:

“Perfect for the Extended Family. Lots of space. Sold As-IS. Seller prefers Capitol Title for closing. Take bright flashlight with you – no electricity. All contents convey with house. Can also be a tear-down or perfect for the renovator. Seller-Estate of George F. McKoy by PR/Causton Toney.”


You can see more more photos here.

This 4 bed/1 bath is going for $350,000.

  • Anony

    Jesus H

    • houseintherear

      LOL I just said literally that. oy.

  • Hank Mcgillicutty

    What a steal!

  • ET

    um….. (cough) hahahahaha —- if you hate your extended family.

    Seriously thought, this looks like something a flipper could actually make something of. With A LOT of work.

    • dcd

      “if you hate your extended family”
      I was going to say exactly that.

  • Ward One Resident

    Somebody call Tarek and Christina (if they are still speaking of course).

  • Sarah

    Seriously, that land is not worth that, right?

    • Anon

      It is not. This seems to be tear-down worthy.

      • dcd

        I think the point Sarah was making is that the land, without any improvements isn’t worth $350k – so you’d me insane to buy this even if you were going to tear it down (which isn’t free).

        • Anon

          Yes, I think her point was very clear.

          • Duponter

            To dcd’s point, your point was not.

          • [rrrrr]

            People are snippy on comments today. I understood anon.

          • dcd

            I obviously didn’t. Can you explain?

  • Anonymouse

    So sad to see that someone’s life ended like this. A lesson to us all to check in on our neighbors.

    • Elvis’s Mom

      Thank you for saying that.

  • Anon

    That must have been some birthday party

  • PFlyer

    I don’t know . . . . Is that a wet bar in the basement? Those are kinda cool.

  • neighbor

    Not even close to worth it. Also unless you are a flipper you are nuts to buy this house at any price. Too much work, too much risk.

    • Anonymous

      And it won’t appraise.

      • HaileUnlikely

        That isn’t even the issue. It could appraise for $1M and be ineligible for a conventional loan because of the condition (this would likely be rated C-5, like my house was when I bought it). The buyer will likely need either cash or a renovation loan. Some reno loans allow a buyer to borrow up to the estimated post-renovation value, though, so if somebody is interested, it is doable. If this is a short sale at $350K, though, I wonder how much the owner[‘s estate] actually owes on it and how it came to that. (Again, I do not think this is a good deal, but somebody who actually wanted to buy this and needed to finance it could make it happen.)

        • JoDa

          The mortgage taken out in 2008 was just shy of $400K. There were also almost $15K in back taxes until the middle of this year (I’m assuming the bank paid them to avoid a tax sale), and there’s a nearly $4K WASA lien on the property. Considering that the owner died within a year of taking out that mortgage, I’d assume not much was paid on it (but I could be wrong…8 years to foreclose is a long time, so payments may have been made for a while). Even talking just original principal and actual costs (taxes, the water, etc.) the bank appears to be taking a ~$50K hit. But as I said below, mint-condition homes in better locations nearby have consistently sold for less in the last year, so I don’t think they’re going to get that much.

  • silverlining

    at least it’s close to DC Brau and Popeye’s

    walk score = 65
    transit score = 53
    bike score = 41

  • LittleBluePenguin

    This makes me sad.

  • jumpingjack

    This makes me so sad.
    Was this house looted before the photos were taken?

    • Probably “looted” by the family (or whomever inherited or took possession of the house), looking for anything of value and not deeming the rest worth the work or expense of clearing out or cleaning up.

  • Anonamom

    I was curious, so I goggled Mr. McCoy’s name and it appears he passed away in 2009. I wonder if the house has sat empty all this time?

    • Anonamom

      I also checked out the street view. The difference between the 2009 picture and the 2014 picture is crazy (neat, manicured lawn with freshly planted flowers to overgrown mess). But oddly, if you look at the front window, there is what looks like tinsel hung on the inside in the exact same position in 2009 and 2014. Creepy.

      • also anon

        That’s sad. My guess is that he passed away and someone (his kids? strangers?) squatted in the house and wrecked it like this.

        • b

          this exact thing happened on my block. grandfather moved away to a retirement home and left the house to his kids/grandchildren, who totally trashed it over the next ten years. what was originally a well-kept house in Petworth just sold to a flipper who gutted it after buying it for less than $300k.

          • also anon

            I suspect it happens often. Before we bought our house our neighbors told us the older couple’s kids lived here with “a lot of people” and “probably sold drugs” and generally didn’t take care of the house. Eventually they sold it to a developer though I have no idea what shape it was in by then.

          • Same thing was happening on my block when I first moved to the neighborhood, with one of the daughters living in the house while the family allowed it to literally fall apart. The house was an American Horror Story, complete with blood all over the front porch on morning, after her dog got hit by a car and instead of taking it to the vet for its injuries, she just locked it in the house and went to work. After several more years they finally sold it to a flipper who did a crappy renovation job that had to be completely re-done by subsequent owners. The neighborhood was gentrifying rapidly and if they had sold it years earlier, rather than allowing it to fall into disrepair, they could have made a lot more money on it.

    • Anon

      I also googled him as well. It seems as though he was killed here by his tenants husband. Horrible story. It may be that the property became derelict from 2009 until now?

      • LittleBluePenguin

        holy. shit. that does not exactly add the appeal or charm of the house.

      • anon2

        I did not find this…

  • eb

    That price is a joke. Its not worth $60k.

    • JS

      The building isn’t, but the city assesses the land alone at 240K.

      • neighbor

        The building probably has a negative impact on the value of the lot. This looks like a superfund site.

    • JoDa

      That price is based on the mortgage owed (taken out right before the housing market collapsed, per property records). Shoot for the moon, I suppose. Nearby very nice (and better located) homes sold within the year for substantially less.

  • Intensive Porpoises

    Whoever staged this for the seller needs to rethink their career path.

    • B


    • V

      it was likely a foreclosure, AS IS

      • AC



  • HaileUnlikely

    My house was in only slightly better shape when I bought it for $65K less than this, albeit in a location that I prefer greatly. As a foreclosure owned by Fannie Mae, the transaction was relatively simple and painless. I would have no qualms about buying a house in this condition, but no way in hell I would be willing to offer this much money for this house at this location with the prospect of being tied up in contract limbo for months dealing with a short sale.

  • Looks asbestos free to me

    • HaileUnlikely

      Point taken, though in all fairness, asbestos is pretty much a given in anything built before the early 1980’s (the manufacturing of new building materials containing asbestos was outlawed in or around 1978, but builders continued to use materials that they already had on hand for a few years)

  • PetlessInPetworth

    Looking at this makes my stomach turn – and I’m certainly no clean freak! Yikes.

    • Waxing P

      I don’t think the place is all that bad. The state of this house comes as a shock to our eyes because we’re so used to the agents’ commercial practice of presenting an impeccable house staged with fresh paint, new furniture, and flattering camera angles. So when we see a home that has been lived in for a lifetime, then for whatever reason neglected, trashed and abandoned, our “stomachs turn”.
      Many of us may one day grow old, sick, and immobile, short on cash and perhaps unable to ask family, friends, or neighbors for help. And so too will our tanned and chiseled bodies go this route, unless you’re into that creepy cryo shit (splendid splinter, I’m talking to you)
      I somehow see my own departed family and neighbors in these photos, and it allows me to imagine the warmth and laughter that must’ve radiated from those rooms in better days gone by. Just look at that awesome monkey guitar lamp.

      • HaileUnlikely

        I agree with this. The only major cause for concern I see is a couple of sagging joists in the basement. Other than that, I see an old dirty house that needs some work, and an unfinished basement that looks like an unfinished basement. Who cares? (I do think the price is too high for the size/condition/location, but a lot of people just want a house, and well, this is one.)

        • flieswithhoney

          Well said. It’s hard enough to lose your home without internet strangers passing judgment. I hope the family who lived here is doing well.

  • anon

    I think this land is worth 350k. Very quick walk to the B2 bus, which will take you straight to H St. Quick walk to DC Brau, which is probably worth something at least a few times a year and on weekends…

  • dcduchess

    I call dibs on the red curtains


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