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GDoN “hickory floors throughout” edition

by Prince Of Petworth January 19, 2017 at 12:00 pm 14 Comments

1700 Kalorama Rd NW #305

This unit is located at 1700 Kalorama Road, NW. The MRIS listing says:

“Stunning 2bed/2bath loft with 2-car garage parking. Brand new hickory floors throughout, floor-to-ceiling windows, gas fireplace and balcony are just a few of the perks of this property. Open floor plan with gourmet kitchen, large island and dining area. Master-bedroom features custom spacious walk-in closet. Walking distance from Harris Teeter, Meridian Hill Park and other restaurants & more!”


You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $625,000 ($477 monthly fee.)

  • none

    This seems like a very good deal, especially with two parking spaces included. Also, I am drooling with envy over the MBR closet. If money was no object, I’d buy it for that alone.

  • Guillermo Brown

    Wow, pretty cool lift for a second parking spot. Does anyone live in a building where these were offered by the developer, or is this something condo owners are coming in and adding after the fact?

  • wobber

    The 2 car stack-able parking is interesting. It’s crazy that builders today are getting waivers to provide parking in new buildings and condos like this have owners installing lifts to accommodate two cars in what seems was intended to be a one car parking spot.

    • Anonymous

      Why is that “crazy”? If an idiosyncratic owner wants a lift, they can put one in. But in many new buildings parking goes unsold when they build to zoning requirements.

    • JoDa

      The fact that they installed a lift doesn’t mean the building doesn’t have “enough” parking. They may not have wanted to pay for a second spot (to buy a second one or rent from someone else), or they may have gotten the second car later on. Plenty of people I know in “waiver” buildings have told me that a lot of the parking remains unsold, or is owned by someone in the building but rented out. I talked a while ago about Kenyon Square in Columbia Heights, where I have a friend who’s an owner. A large portion of the parking is rented to people who don’t live in the building, including my friend’s spot. When I mentioned it before, someone on the Board chimed in with actual stats on how much was rented out to non-residents. A portion of that garage is also leased by Washington Hospital Center or Children’s (can’t remember which) for employee parking, as well. There’s ample evidence that the current zoning rules over-supply parking for *residents* in dense, transit-accessible locations.

      • Anonamom

        It’s WHC – I parked there when I worked there. Children’s employees have the option to park in DCUSA’s garage. The hospitals rent the space, and provide subsidized (but not free) parking to employees who want it.

  • MHillPark

    Is that a raised platform for the second car? Is that legal? It’s cool, but seems unusual.

    • Anon

      “Is that legal?” – no, the seller likely installed this at night without any of his neighbors finding out

    • Michael Pierce

      It doesn’t look like it would accommodate two cars very easily, unless they each had very low rooflines.

    • Rich

      Esp. if it’s the only one in the bldg, a buyer should ask about the installation. It may be that the condo assn said yes but doesn’t another or they want it to go if it fails. Personally, I’d get rid of it and only factor in the value of one space into the price.

      It’s an OK price relative to the square footage and having an indoor parking space. Is hickory a good floor material? It looks like knotty pine and doesn’t really go with the kitchen, but that’s a minor issue. I also wondered about the exterior materials and how good the insulation is.

  • Tera

    I was always curious what these looked like on the inside, and I’m happy the answer is “beautiful!” I used to live around the corner. It’s a great little corner of Adams Morgan.

  • stevee84

    It’s nice but the second bedroom is a den not a bedroom

  • Cleveland Park runner

    Absolutely gorgeous place. Two things I don’t love: 1) the weird angles, 2) the lack of a window on the second “bedroom.”

  • asdf

    Looks like all the windows face east. That means from about noon onward you’re not getting much sunlight in there – plus, no windows for the second “bedroom” or either bathroom at all.

    Also, that car lift looks pretty impractical (not to mention dangerous). Not for everyday use. At best used to store a second car longterm.


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