GDoN “2-BR corner unit with views of the quiet courtyard” edition

by Prince Of Petworth January 3, 2017 at 12:25 pm 15 Comments


This unit is located at 3314 Mount Pleasant St, NW. The Redfin listing says:

“Rare, 2-BR corner unit with views of the quiet courtyard. Pre-war charm with modern updates! Granite counters, SS appliances, claw-foot tub, and extra large bedrooms! Walk to the Park & Best Farmer~s Market, Rock Creek Park, Columbia Heights Metro, and all the shops/restaurants directly on Mt. Pleasant St NW! Walk score of 95.”


You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $439,000 ($309 monthly fee.)

  • Rich

    The kitchen and LR are a bit small, but the bedrooms seem ok which is a switch for DC apartments. The clawfoot is actually a negative for me (I grew-up with one;I’d rather have a real shower), but it shows well.

    The central air and in-unit W/D warriors won’t like this but the steam heat is a big plus (including no heat bills!).

    Looks like a good deal for a 2/1. The small bath would be a negative for someone who plans to use both bedrooms as bedrooms. The fee might be a bit low–I’d wonder about reserves, esp. for a building with a boiler.

    • Anon Spock

      I’d give up central air before I downgraded to coin operated laundry. Overall I like the unit though it’s not for me.

  • Elkhaert

    Not bad. If you want a condo you could do a lot worse. I’d probably try for 400 flat though.

  • textdoc

    Too bad the A/C is via window units.

  • dc_wanderlust

    cute place, great neighborhood! but for 400K I’d want my own W/D in unit and an internal HVAC system. Crazy what 400K doesn’t get you in DC!!

    • James

      Bingo. I get that it’s a two bedroom, but the lack of basic modcons like central air and in-unit laundry automatically makes this a second tier property. Possibly third-tier depending on the overall condition of the property. At nearly a century old, I’d want a proper tour of the common areas along with financials and maintenance records.

  • SaraEP

    I used to lived in this building as a renter and I really liked it until the condo board started limiting the length of time one could rent. Something about giving all owners an opportunity to rent their units? Anyway, there are free washers and dryers in the basement and the backyard was really nice.

    • Anon Spock

      Pretty common when the condo has a maximum rental %. It’s a pain trying to sell or refi when it’s over 50%.

      • SaraEP

        Hm yeah I could see that. I think a lot of people in this building bought simply for the purpose of renting their units. They got screwed because I don’t think it was really enforced up until last year (when I moved out).

        • Anon Spock

          Rules can always change. Anyone buying a condo should know that going into it, so I don’t feel much sympathy. If you want full control, buy a house.

          • SaraEP

            Agree. I didn’t own so I didn’t really give a shit haha

  • Rich

    The window unit thing is hilarious to me. Steam heat is superior to anything you’ll get from a heat pump and modern window units are cheap and not very noisy as opposed to the thousands you’ll spend on a new HVAC unit, and the hundreds you’ll spend on the un-necessary semi-annual “inspections”.

    • JoDa

      You’ve said this twice in the same thread, and once again this week, so back it up.
      Steam heat is less efficient and harder to control than forced air central HVAC systems. And contrary to popular belief, it’s not a “moist” heat compared to forced air (the steam is inside the pipes, not entering your living space)…”dry winter air” is caused by heating up air with less moisture in it (cold air can’t hold as much moisture as warmer), regardless of how you heat it up, unless you actively add liquid to the air after heating it. And depending on the placement of radiators and size of the room, significant temperature differences can occur within a room. Window air conditioners have gotten better, but still introduce an inherent inefficiency in that the window they’re placed in can’t be well-insulated (heat goes where heat isn’t, so some heat is going to seep in around the unit); are often unsuccessful at cooling the designated space well because interior doors and walls are not insulated like exterior, so a window AC in your bedroom is just *going* to be impacted by the temp in your living room, etc. (again lowering the efficiency of an already-less-efficient product); cause hot and cold spots in even medium-size rooms; and, while quieter than in the past, are still a whole lot noisier than central AC unless the air handler is right in/next to the room in question. Not to mention that, depending on where you live and what floor you’re on, a window AC may be just the opening a criminal needs to drop by for a visit.
      So how is this better? Less efficient, can’t just set at a specific temperature and get very close to it throughout your home, and definitely to potentially noisier (definitely for AC; steam heat usually hisses and bangs, too…our office is like some steampunk show when ours turn on).

      • AMDCer

        Not to mention, I just don’t like the look of window units. You can remove them in the winter, but then you have to store them somewhere, and unless you have a designated storage unit in the building, that could be problematic, too.

        • JoDa

          Leaving window units in place in the winter is extremely inefficient. “Heat goes where heat isn’t,” once again, so your heat is going right out the window if you leave your window AC in place year-round. As an owner, you’re paying for that heat, even if it’s just through the condo fee, so you’re shooting yourself in the foot leaving them where they are. And, yes, as you note, if you remove them, you have to put them somewhere. While the foyer in this unit is generous, I highly doubt you want to just park a couple of air conditioners there for 5-6 months of the year and tell your guests to watch their step when entering.


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