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  • MoldieOldie

    if you’ve ever driven one you’d quickly know how shitty they are, loud in the cab and very weak on amenities. same with porsche and mclaren.

    • anon

      Enjoy your Cadillac and white leather belt & shoes.

      • V

        Uncle Eddie!

    • MadMax

      Something with 500+ horsepower is loud? You don’t say!

      • wdc

        Yeah, but when are you going to use all those horsies? If you’re going to put up with interior noise and bare bones interior, there are plenty of single props that are less expensive and lots faster.

  • Cleveland Park runner

    Maybe s/he can afford it precisely because s/he chooses street parking instead of the splurges?

    • BBBB

      Or their parents didn’t give them enough cash for valet when handing them the keys for the night.

  • Epic Fail

    A little difficult to tell from this photo, but this appears to be a first generation Lamborghini Gallardo. These were manufactured between 2003 and 2008. There were a number of special editions of this car made, but I think this is the stock coupe with the 5 liter V10 engine producing just over 500bhp.
    Prices for used ones range from $60k to $125k (special editions and convertible spyder models fetch a little more).

    • navyard

      Thank you for identifying it. For those of us that are “car-challenged”, we appreciate knowing what we’re looking at.


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