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  • Carrera

    MGB Barchetta

  • Pratt

    This reminds me of that one time that I borrowed my uncle’s car and stranded those alloy air cars at the one lane bridge by the mountainside. Good times!

  • Dadric

    It’s a Rush song come to life.

  • dcd

    That’s a coffin on wheels.

    • Anon

      Yup. Though it’d make for one pretty coffin.

  • It’s a bit of a d*** move on the part of the driver to only be concerned about bugs/rocks/etc flying at them (thus a one side windshield).

    • I don’t think there’s a passenger seat.

      • Anon

        Unless they took it out, there most certainly should be. Though if this were my car, I’d likely wear a helmet and for any sort of highway travel and require my passenger to do the same (that tiny windscreen isn’t as useful as you might think anyway). Think of this as a four wheeled bike more so than as a car.

        • ah

          A helmet would help in a rollover . . .

          • Anon

            Hence that last sentence… ;-)

    • K

      I doubt he took it out. That is a 77 MGB Barchetta. Replacing that small windshield is probably expensive and if he wants it to be original, probably hard to find.

  • 3 pedals for me

    Carrera appears to be correct: 1977 MGB that’s been rebodied (an improvement over the rubber-bumpered mid-late 70s MGs from the malaise period in my opinion. This very car may be for sale too: http://smclassiccars.com/mg/167860-1977-mgb-barchetta.html

    Looks like at one time the passenger also had a windscreen. Would recommend googles, regardless.

  • anon_1

    My first thought was vintage Lotus. This is pretty wild

    • anon_1

      If only it didn’t endanger the passenger too I’d like to see Seinfeld take it for a spin on CCGC and get a random object smacked across his smug head :-)

  • contrarian

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