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“I’m worried about her but am not sure of next steps. Any advice would be helpful!”

by Prince Of Petworth October 28, 2016 at 1:45 pm 11 Comments


“Just in time for Halloween, the residents of Lanier Mews, on Lanier between Adams Mill and Ontario, have a friendly, regular visitor – a beautiful long-haired black cat. The cat does not seem skittish and is very friendly. Two nights ago, she (no idea if it’s a female, really) let me pet her for awhile, and last night she sat with me on my front porch and wanted to come inside. I offered her food and water, which she declined, making me think she’s not without a home, but it’s just a guess. I’ve looked online to see if there are any missing cats in the area matching her description, but haven’t seen anything. She has a collar and bell, but no tags. Is she just a new friendly outdoor cat neighbor? I’m worried about her but am not sure of next steps. Any advice would be helpful!”

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  • Mittens

    Friendly neighborhood cat. Probably an indoor/ outdoor cat.

  • Tall E

    Since she appears to be well taken care of my first guess is she’s just an indoor/outdoor cat that likely belongs to one of the neighbors. One local place to post an inquiry about her is the Adams Morgan yahoo group. You could also have her scanned for a chip if you take her to a vet. She should at least be wearing her rabies tag on her collar if not full owner contact info. If you really want to know if she has a home just about every neighbor will be on their porch Monday night so you could ask around then too.

  • erin

    Hi OP! Please call the Humane Rescue Alliance (formerly Washington Humane Society) at 202-576-6664 to report her as possibly being lost. They’ll be able to check all reports of lost cats they’ve received, and if they match her description they will contact the owner ASAP.

    She also may just someone’s indoor/outdoor cat, especially if she was so friendly to you and not interested in food (clearly eating well somewhere!). It’s never a bad idea to post signs or to any Facebook or email groups you’re a part of as well.

  • Lori

    I suggest taking her to a vet or shelter to be scanned for a microchip. Also, can you describe the collar? I posted on here back in July that I lost a black kitten from Park Rd – she had a collar with a bell but no tag.

  • MoldieOldie

    might be Samuel Clemens. know to hangout on 18th & Harvard

  • Anon

    You don’t live on Irving Street perchance?

    • nw_dc_1988

      Literally the first sentence: “the residents of Lanier Mews, on Lanier between Adams Mill and Ontario, “

  • AdMoBro

    The cat’s name is Binx and belongs to a resident. Very sweet cat who also kills rats. Please do not call Animal Control or the Humane Society.

    • BethPopville

      Hopefully the owners will get her a collar with her information.

      • textdoc

        +1. And preferably with something like “INDOOR/OUTDOOR CAT” so that people know the cat isn’t lost.

  • Noni

    someone may want to bring the cat indoors this evening due to the unfortunate treatment many black cats face on Halloween.


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