GDoN “Pristine condition!!” edition

by Prince Of Petworth October 26, 2016 at 12:10 pm 16 Comments


This house is located at 2711 36th Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“GORGEOUS 5BR 5.5BA colonial in sought-after Observatory Circle! Ideal floor plan with sun-filled rooms, wonderful entertaining spaces, gourmet kitchen, formal DR, two family rooms, expansive master suite with large balcony, library/office, wet bar, three fireplaces, gorgeous professional landscaping, and 2-car garage. Pristine condition!! NOT TO BE MISSED!”


You can see more photos here.

This 5 bed/5.5 bath is going for $2,895,000.

  • LedroitTigah

    Since theres something deep inside of me that still likes these very traditional family homes, I love this. I would put in some funky art and then adopt/have a bunch of kids (and, since I will have had to win the lottery to afford this, maybe will stop working and be the head of the PTA). no idea if the pricing is right for the area. are the (public) schools okay around there or will my (hypothetical) children be forced to attend some $$$ private school?

    • Anon

      lol, if you’re buying a $3m house and have to worry about having to cover tuition, you’re definitely doing it wrong

      • wdc

        I think you might be a little behind the times. It is now pretty common for people in $3M houses to live “paycheck to paycheck”, and to lament their straits, publicly and entirely without self-awareness.

        • Anon

          Well that’s silly…

  • jaybird

    What is up with those benches at the dining table? How could you possibly use those?

    • LedroitTigah

      I have benches flanking my dining table. Its a teak table, and I find it space saving…

  • Anonymous

    It’s nice, but not $2.8M nice. Compared to the other homes that have gone for this much, I’d think it would have to be bigger/grander/more special.

  • Anon

    Wow, those dining room chair-benches could not be dumber. And I kind of hate that couch with all the tufting – I get it, tufted stuff is trendy, but you don’t need a tuft on every square inch of the entire thing. But it’s a lovely, classic house that I’m sure will make some rich family very happy.

  • KBM

    I so want to move the back legs of those sofas off the rug in front of the fireplace.

  • wdc

    I love it, except for the kitchen. Having the fridge and the sink on opposite sides of the island makes NO sense, and would drive me batty.
    Also, folks, lemme tell you about this practice called “staging”. See, it’s when a house for sale gets furnished with relatively bland but on-trend stock items to demonstrate size and potential use of rooms, and to maximize the appeal of a property. It is NOT intended to dictate how you must live in the house should you choose to buy it. Not only are you not required to keep that furniture in the pictures, you probably aren’t even allowed to.

    • stacksp

      Our kitchen is set up very similarly with the kitchen island in the middle and it actually works well. You prep and stage (for ex.. cutting vegetables) on the island prior to running over to the sink to rinse and drain. It also makes it less cumbersome and allows others to use either space (washing dishes at the sink/ grabbing snacks from the fridge) without being over top of one another.

      As far as the staging thing, I agree. The furniture is just to indicate size and scale of the rooms. You actually decorate as you see fit. I guess some owners who aren’t really inclined to decorate use the staging as an example of how the room should look but that is not the intent.

      • wdc

        I’m always taking things directly from the fridge to the sink: vegetables that need washing, tupperware turned science project… I think two sinks is the way to go in an ideal kitchen. In general, I see more and more “high end” kitchens that have abandoned the principal of the work triangle. My kitchen has the perfect triangle, and I think I’d have a hard time adjusting to anything else.

    • Anonymous

      Uh, yeah…we know what staging is. Thanks though. Let me add, however, that a stager is supposed to choose furniture that enhances the features of a house, not detract from it, as this one does. That was NOT money well spent, IMO.

  • Anonymous

    In my opinion, the staging of this house is very odd. The midcentury to modern furnishings just don’t fit. Most of that furniture is better suited to a downtown condo, not a 90-year old, center hall colonial. It really detracts from what is otherwise a beautiful home.

    • Rich

      It’s staging and the furniture is pretty ugly.

  • On Capital Heels

    I usually don’t like any of the multi-million dollar houses I see showcased here, but THIS is gorgeous! Totally my style and though it seems a bit overpriced, I’d buy this in a heartbeat if I could!


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