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“Garage Door Recommendations?”

by Prince Of Petworth October 14, 2016 at 1:45 pm 17 Comments


“I am in the middle of redoing my backyard but I am struggling to find garage door companies that provide roll-up doors in the city. Recommendations needed!”

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  • neighbor

    Recommendation: do not get one under any circumstances. There are several people on our block that have them, I see garage door repair trucks back there about every other week. With the weather here and the quality of those machines the maintenance costs are just enormous. It’s a silly and expensive amenity for a residential property.

    • JohnH

      Also hideous looking.

  • spookiness

    I thought it was pretty much settled here that Pooner is expensive but you get what you pay for.

    • phil

      Pooner. Unfortunately he is very expensive, approximately $8000-$10000 for a garage door, but the garage door is a custom-built outdoor rollup garage door. It’s not a POS residential garage door that belongs inside; his are 100% designed to be outside. You could get a custom-built rollup door through a company like rollupdoorsdirect, but then you’d have to find an installer.

      The problem with those residential non-rollup doors is that ice and water will cause the wood frame that supports it to warp over time (and not much time), which then throws the rails out of alignment.

    • textdoc

      Yeah. I’m not in the market for a rollup door, but if I were, I’d go with Pooner based on what I’ve read about them on PoPville over the past several years.

  • KenyonDweller

    Pooner. They installed one at our place in 2002, and it has run like a champ ever since. I don’t know what neighbor above is talking about. Maybe those aren’t Pooner doors.

    • Shaw Rez

      Seconded. Our Pooner door from 2008 has only needed maintenance twice. These are real machines, properly designed.

  • Lori

    We just had a roll-up door put in spring 2015 by Door Systems Inc. (1030 Highams Court, Woodbridge, VA 703-490-1800) and they did a beautiful job. Price was lower than Pooner and their customer service is excellent. I worked with Tony Cornell at Door Systems.

  • anon

    I got quotes from several companies ranging from $7K – $14K. I went with Garage Tech Services (they were the $7K quote). The door itself is great, but initially they installed the sensor wrong and it took me badgering them and several service calls (which they didn’t charge for) to get it fixed. It has been working fine ever since.
    For future reference, the issue was they installed the sensor on my wood fence, and wood of course expands and contracts when wet. Every time it rained my door wouldn’t close because the sensor wasn’t properly aligned. I finally convinced them this was a real issue and they mounted it to the metal post instead and I haven’t had a problem since.

  • lesley

    Go with Pooner. I have worked with Alan professionally and you will be hard pressed to find someone to work with that is more responsive and transparent. He runs the whole operation himself and remembers every door he has installed. Huge investment, but he will be out there ASAP if anything happens to that door.

    Either spend the money or don’t. The cheaper doors will give you a headache for the rest of your life.

  • midcity guy

    also try overheaddoor.com. not the cheapest probably, but quality servise.

    6841 Distribution Dr, Beltsville, MD 20705
    Phone: (301) 937-1800

    I’m an architect and they have done several for me. I HIGHLY recommend getting a standard maintenance contract for quarterly servicing, which will keep repairs calls down.

  • Stephen

    Pooner, Pooner, Pooner, Pooner!!! (said as a cheer)
    We have had one for 14 years. It is not cheap and not the prettiest but it has never jammed, unlike the non-Pooner ones across the alley behind Ridge St NW in Mt Vernon Square which do so on a regular basis.

  • Shaw

    Cannot recommend Pooner enough. If you want the door do it right the first time. Had mine installed by Alan over a year ago and it’s worked flawlessly. He’s also extremely easy to get in touch with throughout the entire process and means what he says to call if you have any questions.

    Also looks like the door in the post is a Pooner door (he leaves contact info on outside of door).

  • Two cents

    Our garage door would also give trouble when it is too hot or too cold. We had the technician come over many times the first year. Now I just WD-40 all the movable parts and joints and the spring every few weeks. No more chronic issue. Rarely it will not close with the fob, but such is the life

  • anon

    We used Godwin Garage doors. I had to get Godwin out a couple of times immediately after the initial install to address some issues and since then it’s been reliable for two years. Apparently if you get the right system these things last for a very long time.

  • SteveDwyer

    We recently installed an outdoor garage door on the back of our property against the alley. We did extensive research, including a quote from Pooner for $12k. But in the end, we found a company to install an ordinary garage door along with the wooden posts to support it. The whole project only cost about $3k for a 15.5″ wide, 7′ high door. I had to handle the building permit, which has been a good amount of work. The job was done by Pedro with http://jpsgaragedoor.com. I highly recommend him. Included in the price was two years of any needed service. As other posters have mentioned, the wood frame will occasionally settle/bend from weather exposure. It was installed 6 months ago, and it has had issues twice, and both times Pedro has come out within a couple days and fixed it. The factory warranty of my garage door was immediately voided, since my door was not designed to be used outdoors. I am sure I will have regular maintenance costs after my 2 years of free service. But I really doubt I will have ~$9k worth of service costs that would justify the Pooner price. I also really like my door compared to the Pooner doors of my neighbors. Mince looks nicer and is much quieter when running.

    • topherrobin

      Can you post some pics of it Steve?


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