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  • Ally

    That’s pretty fabulous! What kind of car is it?

  • spookiness

    Appears “kit” car on VW chassis. I’ve never understood the point of these, and they can’t be worth enough to justify keeping insured in the city.

  • Epic Fail

    Ok, this is where I have to show my lack of knowledge with the “neoclassic” car scene. There are so many manufacturers of this genre that to be honest I don’t know which one this is. Some of the more famous marques are Excalibur, Zimmer and Clenet, however my sense is that this is a far cheaper kitcar model based on readily available running gear (e.g. VW as one comment noted). This really isn’t my type of thing, however this weekend I did see a BMW Z8 on the roads of DC – now that is a modern classic!

    • pvjdp

      a few weeks ago I saw a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta on 13th Street NW and then K Street. That’s a car that costs as much as a 3 bedroom house, and it was getting gas at a BP.


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