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“Shopping Carts!!! Why so many shopping carts???”

shopping carts
Photo by PoPville flickr user Kevin Wolf

“We recently purchased a house in the neighborhood that includes a driveway off of the back yard. The driveway has open access from the street behind our house.

Even before we closed, we noticed a shopping cart parked in our driveway. We naively assumed that once we started parking a car in the driveway, the person parking the cart would get the hint and move the cart. No luck.

DPW now has visited our house on multiple occasions to remove one to two carts, from a variety of establishments. We usually get a single day/night of reprieve, and then a new one reappears.

They are always empty. They only seem to be used at night because they sit there empty in our driveway during the day.

Has anyone else had this problem? We feel like we are being punked or that we should be more fearful for our safety.

Any suggestions? Thanks!!

[We are in northern Columbia heights, a block from the intersection of Georgia and NH ave.

Another one appeared this morning.]”

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