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GDoN “contemporary masterpiece” edition

by Prince Of Petworth September 14, 2016 at 12:10 pm 3 Comments

1323 21st Street Northwest

This house is located at 1323 21st Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Boasting over 4,300 square feet, this immaculate residence provides a unique combination of light, style, and space. Beyond the classic fa~ade, the interior of the property is a contemporary masterpiece that features grand living spaces, an updated kitchen, gorgeous master suite, fenced-in patio, and three parking spaces. There is a lower level one-bedroom apartment suite with a legal C of O.”


You can see more photos here.

This 5 bed/4.5 bath is going for $2,600,000.

  • Is that an $800 refrigerator in a $2.6M house?
    The doors to the living room and the bubble glass need to go. I get wanting to keep rooms separate, it feel like a converted group house where someone slept in the living/dining room.

    • JoDa

      HAHA…yep! It appears they built the “hutch” for the refrigerator too small to accommodate today’s better models. You can spend more on your standard sub-20 ft3 fridge, but why bother if that’s all you can fit? I’d have to reconfigure this to change that to a double wall oven (not giving up on that dream), put the microwave elsewhere, and put a larger fridge somewhere. In other news, inspectors *hate* those fridge hutches since they restrict airflow, trap dust, and tend to kill refrigerators in short order. Which is another reason not to drop bank on a more expensive model in this configuration, I suppose.
      On the plus side, that is a *really* nice ADU.

  • That front door is legit. This amount of space in Dupont is crazy. I would have to blow out some walls and eliminate some bedrooms and consolidate them into larger rooms.


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