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  • hillyeah

    refreshingly succinct real estate blurb. i like it.

  • AMDCer

    Also refreshing to see a home that’s been nicely updated while still leaving the original charm intact.

  • TCircler

    Wait, the kitchen and dining room are in the basement, which they are calling a first floor?


    • soozles

      It was pretty common for the kitchen and dining room to be in the basement of older homes. Lots of the old homes in Logan and Dupont were like that before they got sliced up.


    I love the original details but the layout is kind of weird. I covet the floors they look like they are in really good condition.

  • DCbyDay

    That 3rd bedroom is not a bedroom. “Den” maybe. Large closet – definitely.

  • textdoc

    Like BRKLND, I like the original details, but the layout (kitchen and dining room in English basement, even if it is mostly aboveground) is weird.
    It’s also a little puzzling to me as to why there’s a full bath on the first floor (where the parlor and living room are). I mean, maybe it’s better to have a full bath there than to have only one full bath in the house, but it seems like it would be a drag for someone to have to go downstairs to take a shower.

    • anon

      Our house is a few blocks from this one and weirdly had a full bathroom right off the kitchen on the main floor (and also two full baths upstairs and a full bath in the basement, so why did you need the one on the main floor?). The laundry was also in the kitchen. We made the full bath on the main floor a half bath/laundry room because that made a lot more sense to us. Who wants to shower or do laundry in the kitchen?!

  • Hill Denizen

    Wow, I thought my first bedroom in DC was small (all that fit was a full size bed with about 1-1.5 feet around). I don’t even know if you can fit a twin in that “bedroom”. The layout is also super weird. The only way this layout makes sense is if you’re using the house for fundraisers and need a ton of living space and don’t want to see the kitchen, but this house is a bit too far from the Capitol for that. No one needs that much living room space. I’d move the kitchen to the ground floor (love me a fireplace in a kitchen) with a living/dining area, put the full bath in the basement and create a den/guest bedroom. Oh yeah, and convert that upstairs to what it actually is – a closet.

    • Near Northeast

      The back living room appears to have the original pocket doors between it and the parlor, so it could be easily closed off and used as a guest room.

      And as someone with very different sleep schedule than my partner, the idea of the kitchen being separated from the bedroom by multiple floors appeals to me. I could bang pots and pans around guilt-free.

  • Quotia Zelda

    That ornate table in the living room(?) would look so much better in my house.

  • Su

    Nice house! A lot of Gtown and Old Town Alexandria townhouses have the kitchen and dining room on the lower /basement floor. I don’t think it’s a big deal. I agree that the 3rd bedroom is pretty small – I guess there is a built-in closet in that room somewhere …. otherwise, as far I understand, the seller couldn’t claim it as a bedroom…? Regardless, I think this house is priced on the low side, perhaps with a bidding war intended.

  • Anon

    Has DC officially gotten too expensive for the under $500,000 Friday?

  • Anon

    It’s a nice house but that layout would be a total dealbreaker for me. I just can’t imagine having to go up and down the stairs to get from the living area to the kitchen, and it would make entertaining weird (at least the casual entertaining we do). Someone who doesn’t mind the layout could get a good deal, though.


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