GDoN “tremendous amounts of light” edition

by Prince Of Petworth — September 28, 2016 at 12:10 pm 27 Comments


This house is located at 4964 Eskridge Terrace, Northwest. The listing says:

“This beautiful new home in Kent boasts 8BR/7.5BA & features top of the line appliances & amenities throughout. The LR & kitchen have tremendous amounts of light w/ floor to ceiling windows & doors that lead out to the side patio. In addition, the master suite has two walk-in closets with a large master bath attached & the LL has a home theater, spa w/ jacuzzi, & leads out to the 2 car garage.”


You can see more photos here.

This 8 bed/7.5 bath is going for $2,999,000.

  • DCbyDay

    Eight bedrooms?! Holy moly

  • OP Anon

    What is this….thing?
    It looks like someone transplanted their OBX beach house to DC.

    • LittleBluePenguin

      yeah, it has the bedroom count to match, too! Seriously, I can’t imagine this weirdo house being used as anything other than a fancy bordello and/or frat house.

    • ET

      I was a bit confused about the exterior stylings. Seems a bit overwrought/over designed.

      • ANM

        +1 Please tell me that is not Sear’s siding on a $3 million home.

      • What you mean to say is incredibly ugly? All out of proportion? A spectacular architectural fail?

      • AMDCer

        Yup – it’s what I call a frankenhouse – a bunch of random pieces patched together.

        • Anonymous

          The developer screwed the pooch on this one. Should have built three townhouses at $1.1m each. Even if zoning didn’t allow it, I bet they could have received a variance. Density is the name of the game and DCRA is willing to play along. This Frankenhouse is awful.

          • stacksp

            Looks like a detached sf neighborhood and not a th/row home community

          • stacksp

            People move to this part of town to get away from th/row home density

      • AMDCer

        And if you enjoy snarky commentary about bad house design, check out mcmansionhell dot com.

        • It isn’t snarky if it is true.

          • AMDCer

            Good point!

    • hupster

      +1 Just what I was thinking- OBX is the only place that thing would look at home.

  • transplanted

    Asking me if this is a good deal is like asking me if you overpaid for your private jet. Maybe? It sure is pretty, though.

    • Anon

      I don’t mean to be crass, but have you seen an eye doctor recently? Perhaps surging blood sugar levels are at fault?

      • transplanted

        Whatever anon, I’ll be in the indoor spa while you hone your insult game.

  • Anacostia

    I went to the open house about two months ago. It is absolutely stunning inside. Amazing new construction. Unfortunately it is a slightly awkward lot and it is in a part of town that is so car dependent that I think there isn’t as much demand. But beautiful house. If I had the money I might low-ball them and see if I could pick it up.

  • stacksp

    Looks like a fun house. Theater Room, Covered Outdoor Patio, Spa Shower, and a Swim Spa……

  • Anonymous

    It’s sitting because even rich people don’t want to have 5 or 6 kids. Too much house with a choppy layout on too small of a lot. Do more with less and it would still be worth $2.5-3m. For example, it could use a yard.
    No family with 4+ kids wants their kids cooped up inside all day!

  • WTF? Also WTF @ that orange and green place next to it? All those windows to stare out at something equally odd.

    • OP Anon

      It’s a some sort of faux MCM home. Check it out on GoogleMaps, it’s a bit odd. That’s house’s front door is on an alley.

  • Quotia Zelda

    What have they done to the facade of this house???

  • also anon

    Appearance aside who even is the target market in DC for an 8 bedroom 8 bathroom $3m house?

    • Anonymous

      Sisterwives + hubby?

    • anon

      I’m guessing a large family, likely from another country, with multiple children and at least three generations living together.

  • textdoc

    Ugh, excessive gabling. Reminds me of the suburban subdivision (not in this area) where my mom lives.
    I can’t view the listing/photos — when I click on either of the links, I get a “Page Not Found” error. Maybe the realtor has remove the listing from PoPville or is revising it?


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