“647 Rooftop” coming to Florida Ave

by Prince Of Petworth September 13, 2016 at 10:22 pm 15 Comments

647 Florida Avenue, NW

The liquor license placard for 647 Rooftop says:

“New Restaurant serving American food. Entertainment Endorsement to provide live entertainment with dancing and cover charge. Total Occupancy Load: 475. Rooftop Summer Garden with 15 seats.”


Located right next door to Flash Nightclub & Bar:


  • So the total occupancy is 475, but they’re naming it after the space for 15? Sounds like a cover for a “another crappy night club”.

    • Anon

      I’m no engineer, but 500 seems like a stretch for that rowhouse. I mean, 930 club has a capacity of 1,200.

    • Bloomy

      I think the “Rooftop Summer Garden with 15 seats” is not the name, just part of the restaurant detail. The 475 mostly refers to the “New Restaurant serving American food. [with] live entertainment…”

      • The name is “647 Rooftop”, at least according to this article.

        • TCircler

          My guess is the rooftop is technically a separate venue with a separate name from the rest of the restaurant? Maybe not. Either way this place looks very sketch.

    • anon

      Yeah, no way they have a higher occupancy than Flash next door. I believe the main room only holds 200 people, so I imagine full capacity can’t even be 500.

      Side note: Worried about all these big open roof decks next door to Flash. They’ve worked a lot to minimize sound leakage from the rooftop, I believe they’ve designed their system up there to be contained within the enclosed portion of the deck and communicated a lot with the ANC. Don’t want to see them scapegoated, with all the other uncontained decks going up around the area.

  • JohnH

    Florida Ave. is turning into quite the rooftop scene. And 475 people? Uh, yeah, no.

  • ctk

    Maybe it’s just a typo, like they forgot a decimal or something. Maybe it holds 47.5 people.

  • LP Resident

    Yet another noise maker to add to the neighborhood. I don’t know who thinks that Flash has mitigated noise (it’s a glass rooftop), but their concern for the community is laughable. This new bar will only serve to add to the noise pollution, and both the ANC and the Liquor Board will do zero to enforce their so-called policies.

    • anon

      Apparently, they’ve worked with the ANC to address these issues. A glass rooftop will still hold in sound, not to mention they have the speakers aimed so as to contain the noise within the roof deck the best they can (unlike the bars in say Dupont, where speakers are just posted with little regard to noise pollution). Having been to Flash many times, at all hours, most noise is coming from neighboring bars, particularly because the music being played on the roof is at ambient levels. Compare it with the sound of crowds and music from places like The Brixton/Nellies and it’s a world of difference.

      • LP Resident

        Trust me, the noise has been a problem for years, long before the other bars were built. Until the bass is pounding in your bedroom at 3 am on a Thursday, you have no idea how loud it is. They had an agreement with the city for a while, but it expired and they were not forced to be held accountable. The glass is not soundproof; it’s just glass. This new bar will only serve to add to the noise pollution.

  • NoMa Matt

    The name is clearly in reference to the address…

  • Cherry

    There is construction in the empty lot next door to the building (to the left in the photograph) so perhaps the higher capacity will be from a sideways build-out.

  • jsauri

    “dancing and cover charge…” ugh. Don’t we have enough crappy dance clubs already?

    • v

      this is right near Howard. 18-21 year olds love cover charges. That’s what you do. You go to bars, pay a cover, and dance. THEN you get to complain about how cheesy they are AFTER you grow out of that stage. Don’t front like you’ve never stood in line


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