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  • dcd

    This was the car of my youth, along with a Camaro. Sadly, I had a Datsun 210 – not at all the same.

  • Tom

    This car is the highlight of my walk to the Metro. When I pass it, I’m always secretly wishing it’s the day I finally see the owner getting in/out so I can offer my compliments on a very fine machine.

  • TinkerTaylor

    My aunt and uncle had matching 280Zs. Good memories of roasting in the tiny backseat as we roared down rural Midwest roads.

  • Planner

    I rode Phila to Chicago and back in the back seat of a friend’s 280Z one spring break. Tiny, but sort of comfortable if you sat sideways. And with that car, and the way he drove, it was a fast trip.


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