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“Roof rats – yuck.” Looking for Exterminators

by Prince Of Petworth August 8, 2016 at 1:45 pm 13 Comments

rat patrol
Photo by PoPville flickr user Ellen O

“We just learned we likely have roof rats. Looking for exterminator referrals who have experience with these pests and any advice from homeowners who have dealt with this disgusting problem.”


“Hi – I live in the H St NE area and am searching for recommendations for an experienced rat exterminator. I’ve lived in the area for over 3 years without an issue until about two weeks ago. The rats have not made their way into the house,but are having a heyday in the backyard and the alley. I’m assuming this is a result of all of the construction in the area. I’d really appreciate hearing any recommendations on how to get rid of them.”

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  • Kathryn-DC

    If the rats are in the backyard and the alley, they fall under the province of DC government services. The Department of Health has established a program http://doh.dc.gov/service/rodent-control

  • Rich

    Get a cat. They’re pheromones are natural repellant against rats. I have one and have never seen rats in my alley or anywhere near my house since moving near H St 1.5 years ago — and the alley is pretty gross. Only the occasional dead mouse my cat brings to me.

    • Anon

      Yup. Even with our kitten-sized rats here in DC, my cats hold it down for our street. And they’re cute and fuzzy to boot! We had a rat problem at my old house that exterminators couldn’t fix, as soon as we got the cats we never heard another peep (the dogs, however, didn’t do jack)

  • P. Lecheval

    Wish you could rent a hawk for this sort of job.

    • JoDa

      Was going to joke that PoP has the right pictorial answer here of “hawk.”

      • TJ

        Key, though, is to make sure the rats don’t ingest poison before the hawk happens along, because then we are down a rat and a hawk.

      • Hstreeter

        It actually looks like a peregrine falcon. It clobbers pigeons and rats and squirrels by dive bombing them at 200+ mph.

  • Suse

    I had a lot of success with Adcock’s Trapping Service. http://www.adcockstrapping.com…but never a problem with roof rats. Only rats and raccoons.

    • DCer15

      I second Adcock’s. They solved my pest problem and sealed up problem areas on the roof and foundation of my house.

    • That Guy

      Here, here for Adcock’s.

      They took care of squirrel and raccoon issues in our attic and did an assessment of raccoon ingress on the roofs of the houses on our block. Above and beyond. Solid company.

      • Jen

        Adcock’s was great with my squirrel problem. I went to an exterminator first. They told me the squirrel was gone & to just repair the hole. How wrong the were.

        Adcock’s will also do repairs that are designed to be pest resistant.

        Would call them again in a heartbeat although I hope I never need to.

    • Anon

      Adcock’s is great. Kinda funny story.: We hired them to do a smoke test to make sure our pipes weren’t the cause of a sporadic rat infiltration. (they weren’t) John sent two junior guys up on to the roof to put smoke down one of the vent stacks and he was asking me if the neighbors had noticed any rats. I told him that several had, but that the guys next door were high all the time, so even if they had rats they might not notice. I had just ended that sentence when one of the younger guys came over the radio and said “John, I swear it’s not us, but we really smell weed up here.”
      On the second question, I’m pretty sure I remember John Adcock telling me that he doesn’t deal with outside problems. If they’re outside that’s where they belong or something like that. Call the DOH rodent control folks. They really like killing rats and they’re very responsive.

  • sg7

    BioTech Pest Management helped us out with rats about a year ago. Major points: responsive (called me back in less than an hour when I left a message), timely (came within their timeframe), and did good work. We unfortunately had to call them more than once, but they patched up another hole free of charge on the second visit. Nice guys, too.


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