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GDoN “simply a must see home” edition

by Prince Of Petworth August 18, 2016 at 12:10 pm 32 Comments

3419 20th Street Northeast

This house is located at 3419 20th Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“Wonderfully maintained classic Traditional Home with large front porch. This home has many of its original woodwork throughout as well as superbly maintained Wood Floors throughout. The closed in porch makes for the perfect sunroom or office and the large family room addition is something you will not find in other homes of this era. Off street parking in rear. This is simply a must see home.”


You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $550,000.

  • textdoc

    I know carpeting can be torn out, and wooden flooring put in if necessary, but… OMG, that carpet!!

    • HaileUnlikely

      Agreed. I wonder if they have hardwood under that carpet. I wouldn’t be surprised, given that there is hardwood on other rooms on the first floor, and the nice wooden ballusters on the railing.

      • Anon

        I’ve seen this kind of carpeting in a lot of houses, and it’s just laid on top of the hardwood to protect it or whatever. Very easy to remove.

    • Anon

      I bet there’s carpet under there, too. In which case, SCORE! It might need refinishing, but it’ll be nicer than anything new.

      • anon

        Yes, as long as it hasn’t been too damaged by leaks or pets. I far prefer original wood floors, but sometimes old floors can’t be stained to look good anymore because they have been so damaged. When they are covered with carpeting, you can’t even look at them to get an idea.

        • Anon

          Very true; it’s always a bit of a gamble. It looks like a long-time owner has taken good care of it, though, so I’d be willing to take the bet that it’s salvageable. And unrelated, I keep looking at the vintage kitchen – love!

        • soozles

          a lot of times, the realtor will roll back a section of carpeting so you can see the wood floors. My guess is it’s oak downstairs, as most DC houses are, and heart pine upstairs.

          I think this is a great deal for someone to buy and fix up over time. Looks well maintained.

      • textdoc

        You meant hardwood floors, right? Not carpet under carpet?
        “Yo dawg, I heard you liked carpet, so…”

        • Anon

          Ha! Yes. My retinas were still burning from the red, so it’s the only floor covering I could think of. :)

    • That.room.is.on fiiiiiiyaaaaaaaaah!

  • anon

    Not enough people perfectly match their couches to the carpet anymore.

    • It’s like when they laid the carpet down they didn’t bother to move the furniture and just rolled it right over the top.

    • anon

      I prefer the carpet to match the drapes ;)

      • ***


  • Anon

    This seems like a very good deal.

  • anon

    This looks to me like the kind of house someone will buy, thinking, we just need to pull out the carpeting, maybe refinish the floors, make some small changes to the kitchen and bath until we can afford to renovate them, and then figure out how to make that family room addition and the house generally look OK. And then they gradually start to realize that plumbing and electrical and other stuff needs massive input of funds. Not so much a comment on this house, but wondering how many buyers who stretch to buy such homes that haven’t been updated realize exactly what they are getting into.

    • Ann

      Exactly. Knew we had to replace the roof and pull up the carpet, then we could get to updating the kitchen and baths in our own time… Next thing you know, a wall is crumbling, much of the masonry needs to be repointed or rebuilt and–on yeah–there’s asbestos tile glued to the hardwood under that carpet.

      • anon

        ouch! Walls crumble, and need repointing – but asbestos tiles glues to hardwood floors is more than the usual hell. Did you get it up, and was the hardwood salvageable after that, or did you have to replace it?

  • Angry Parakeet

    I wonder what the purpose of the piping in the enclosed porch is?

    • textdoc

      I was wondering the same thing — couldn’t figure it out if it was a structural/functional thing, or maybe if it was serving as an extended garment rack (to make the sunroom a walk-in closet?).

    • JS

      Clothes rack? I can’t figure it out either.

    • Don Hirsch

      looks like home made closet rails.

    • anon

      definite DIY clothes rack

      • anon

        yeah, walk in closet clothes racks, clearly.

  • ***

    The detail shot of the door knob is really what sells the place. I know when I am looking for real estate, door knobs factor highly in my decision.

  • hungeegirl

    There’s also no central air….

  • akoyasyd

    I am a big proponent of the value that can be found in Woodridge, but this strikes me as pretty steep. Even if the bones are in good shape, there is a lot of work to be done to update this place (kitchen, bath, floors). Then again, an uninspired flip down the block on Monroe recently sold for close to 750k. Regardless, I think you can get a substantially better deal for 550k just on the other side of South Dakota.

  • navyard

    It looks like the owners kept this in immaculate condition. But gosh, a little bit of concrete stain on the front steps and walkway would make this place 1000% cuter!

  • also anon

    I am so confused by the layout of this place. All the additions seem slapped on in weird places and possibly not well done? That closet addition to the master is so strange. I also don’t get how/why there is a skylight in the basement? The deck is super nice though!

    • anon

      It is pretty clear if you look at the photos. The screened-in porch is added on to the side (from the living room) and the family room was added behind that on the same side (off the dining room – the skylight is in that family room, not in the basement.)

  • DCDuchess

    Awwww, I can just imagine the sweet older people who lived here. It really is like a time capsule, I get a 1970’s vibe.

  • stacksp

    Checked it out. Nice home and location imo. Ample parking


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