GDoN “Brookland is where it’s at these days” edition

by Prince Of Petworth August 11, 2016 at 12:25 pm 29 Comments

1304 Franklin Street Northeast

This house is located at 1304 Franklin Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“SUNDAY 8-14 1-4 OPEN HOUSE A wonderfully gracious home with a luxury feel. Brookland is where it’s at these days. Make this your own spacious oasis with a nicely landscaped yard and just minutes to downtown. Need a garage? There’s a sizable detached 2 car garage. A lot of attention to detail and quality finishes throughout help to make this a stellar place to call home.”


You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/3.5 bath is going for $1,025,000.

  • stacksp

    Almost ideal for a family of four. Not in love with the basement flooring but with area rugs and furniture, its not a big deal and can be changed later like all other cosmetic items. The layout is really nice and looks like decent sq footage and has a driveway

    • Anon

      Yeah, the defenders of open layout always say it makes it easy to keep an eye on the kids, so I guess it would be good for families who need to choose function over aesthetics.

      • stacksp

        Not much of an open layout defender but it appears to the trend in these rehabs. There was a house featured on here in Columbia Heights that maintained its original layout and it was beautiful. It was listed for much more than this one though.

        • Anon

          I specially sought out an original layout (I mean besides the bathrooms and closets that were obviously added later) and have noticed they do sell quicker and for more money.

      • K

        As a parent I think open layouts are the worst. Their is no where to go to get away from the kids and noise. But I think I am in the minority since I hear a lot of parents, especially new parents, talk about how much they like them.

        • fsher

          …how much they like their kids, or the open layouts?

        • Anon

          I guess when these houses were originally built the older kids watched the younger kids so the parents didn’t need to see them all the time.

      • JMR

        It would also be good for someone who prefers the brightness of an open layout over the dark, closed-in feeling of small rooms.

  • Bloomy

    I hope they get it. Interesting tile in the bathrooms and counters in the kitchen (I call that the Oreo blizzard granite). Also, one bathroom has a tiny mirror.

  • Houseman

    I’ve been watching this house. It was actually listed a few weeks ago at $1.1. I am curious to see if it goes being $75K “cheaper.” It’s a nice house. Looks bigger in pics versus in person (real estate photography is almost fraud or at the minimum false advertising). If the buyer needs financing they might need to come to the table with significant cash because I don’t know if the comps in this area support this price point just yet.

    • Adam on Truxton

      This was my thought, as well. As nice as the place looks, I’m not sure how many appraisers are going to back up that price.

  • transplanted

    This is great. Curb appeal, size, tasteful design decisions throughout (thanks for not coffering every ceiling!), plenty of parking + a garage, deck & decent-sized yard. If things are going for $1M in Brookland already, there’s no reason this house shouldn’t. The master bedroom is great looking with those high windows, even if I prefer to sleep in full dark like a vampire.

    • Anon

      I think the design is tacky as hell. For $1 mil I’d prefer to not see my backdoor when I walk in the front door.

  • K

    Seriously beautiful house. I have a large-ish family and this house would be ideal for a family of our size. The only flaws, and they are not really flaws, are all cosmetic and a result of a different styles. If I had a million dollars I’d be rushing to get a viewing.

  • soozles

    One drawback is that it’s on Franklin St., a pretty busy street. Also, I don’t like the kitchen layout with the refrigerator separated from the stove by the island. I like the master bedroom alot though.

    • Stacys

      And it’s one house back from a corner with a traffic light. Cars idling outside of my window every other 45 seconds would make me crazy.

      • GS

        Can’t seem to find the old popville posts, but isn’t 13th and franklin st the notorious intersection with multiple accidents, including one with a rolled over semi?

  • anon

    Brookland IS where it’s at these days…

  • Truxtoner

    I love this so much, mostly for the outdoor space, which is great and the very large master. But I kind of hate the master bathroom. A boring normal tub on one end and then a small walk in shower on the other. To me if you’re going to do both, you need a standing tub and a walk in shower. Or you just do one large walk in shower. This is just a strange setup. But other than that, I love everything about it.

    Shame I don’t have a million bucks. I’d buy this today.

  • Sweetness

    Nice house, but not a million bucks nice.

  • Anon

    Minor ding is that it’s on the outer limits on metro walkability (15 min. walk to Rhode Island Ave metro). At least it’s a reasonably safe walk, coming from the north of Rhode Island Ave, as opposed to sketch-ass Brentwood/Ivy City.

    • anonymous


    • Dognonymous

      Yeah, and you can get to some of the places on lower 12th street (Menomale, Brookland’s Finest) pretty easily, but the Brookland metro, Yes!, and other spots near Monroe St. Market and 12th street are a bit of a haul. Being 500 feet from the dealers who hang outside Brookland Manor isn’t exactly thrilling either, though to be fair they don’t cross RIA all that often.

      • Rukasu

        Yeah being that close to Brookland Manor and the sketchy vacant lot across the way that doubles as the churches’ parking lot on weekends is a ding.

  • Nothing like a “luxury feel” to replace actual luxury. It’s not a bad deal given the size and BRs, but nothing about it makes me say “yeah I want that!”

  • petworther

    I like this, but at 1M you have a lot of choice in that neighborhood since that price is right at the very top of the market, and Franklin is a really, really busy street. The last few weekends I’ve seen teams of dirt bikes doing wheelies back and forth all afternoon. Honestly I just wouldn’t be interested in a house on Franklin.

  • fsher

    From the pics can’t tell if the kitchen island stands in the way between fridge and stove. Could impede workflow.

  • Txosean

    There are 3bd, 3bath homes available in U st for just over $1M. This seems overpriced. Of course I think the homes in U st will go for much more than asking.

  • anonny

    You’d have to pay me to live on Franklin. Nope.


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