“Fire Escapes – Repair and Certification”

by Prince Of Petworth August 19, 2016 at 1:45 pm 4 Comments

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“My small condo building (6 units, 3 floors + basement level) has a fire escape on one side of the building that is in need of repair. There is some rust build up and it needs a coat of protective paint.

1. Does anyone have any companies to recommend that can do this work? I’ve had a hard time find iron workers that do things beyond fencing.

2. During my research, I came across Fireescapesdc.com, which seems to suggest that we have to get a certification every 5 years. Is this true? I believe because of the circumstances of our condo, DC regs (https://beta.code.dccouncil.us/dc/council/code/sections/6-701.01.html) do not cover our unit, but I’m not sure if that exempts us from larger requirements (which I’m trying to find more about).

Thought maybe other condo owners may have had similar inquiries or made repairs to their own fire escapes. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!”

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  • Park View to Friendship Heights

    Not 100% on this, but for the most part at 3 story 6 unit building would only be required by code to have one means of egress, meaning the main interior stairwell, that would mean the fire escape is superfluous so it wouldn’t necessarily need to be maintained. I do condo conversions in the city and we often leave them on even though they aren’t needed because the are expensive and difficult to remove.

  • textdoc

    Try Federal City Ironworks — I know they do security doors/window bars, and I’d imagine they could repair a fire escape.

  • admo res

    Have worked with Federal City Iron on two projects on Adams Mill Road NW and they have been fantastic from start to finish. Good, solid work and nice people.

  • dunning-kruger

    I believe the 5 year certification is correct. I got knocked for this by the Fire Dept during an inspection. The tricky part is that coming in off the street few companies will want to certify you without extensive and expensive work since their liability is so high.
    I ended up using A+ Fire Escape Repair for my building and would recommend them.


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