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“Check No Parking permit information (address approved, etc)?”

by Prince Of Petworth August 25, 2016 at 1:45 pm 10 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user brunofish

“Is there a way to look up a No Parking permit based on the posted sign? I can only find the ddot site where you can search by location, but not by permit number. The signs don’t have addresses written on them so someone could get a permit for one location and post it somewhere else. This may be the case on my block and I just received a legitimate No Parking sign for next week.. I need to use this space for moving and I don’t think the current No Parking permit holder is using the right block space.

Basically is there a ddot link where I can search by permit number to see what block the permit was approved for?”

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  • ontarioroader

    Type the permit number into the box on the left under “Quick Search”:


  • dewbert

    Isn’t there also a QR code you can scan with your phone printed on the signs?

  • ah

    I thought the signs had addresses on them now?

    Anyway, isn’t this win win? If there’s no parking there, and you get a permit too, then you should be home free for using the space as well.

    Unless the permit is for a dumpster.

  • Tsar of Truxton

    DDOT won’t issue two permits for the same space (unless it is the city for an emergency, in which case, it trumps yours), so if you can get them from the website, then you are good.

  • NEDC

    If the permit is legit and recent it should have the address printed on it. I reserved spots for a moving truck a few months back, and the system actually required me to reserve a specific number of spots (4 I think?) for the truck, so it had a range of addresses on it rather than just the address of my building; e.g. 2001-2009 X Street NW. DDOT is also supposed to verify that the sign was posted 72 hours in advance of the restriction time, so you could always mention when you call for that verification that there’s a sign already posted to see if they know what’s up.

    Good luck!

  • Grant Circle

    Incidental to this, I generally scan the QR code when I see a no parking sign. A lot of them are for things that have nothing do with their current use, e.g. a no parking permit for a funeral in Georgetown being used for valet parking in Shaw. I’ve wondered if this is companies scamming the system, but haven’t had the want to dig deeper.

    • anon

      What QR app do you use to scan these codes?

      • ontarioroader

        For IOS the app “Quick Scan – QR Code Reader” works and is free.

    • textdoc

      It could very well be people scamming the system… but knowing how D.C. government agencies function, I wonder whether there’s a possibility that DCRA isn’t properly updating the QR code when it issues a new permit.

  • Megan

    In case anyone sees this a few days later. No parking signs come from DDOT not DCRA. They are issued with Occupancy permits, which you can search by location to see who is in your area. If you do it on a computer, a little map usually pops up, where you can click the permit number and see what type of permit it is. All of that should also be on the sign. Location, dates, time, type of permit (ex. construction staging), permittee and telephone number. DDOT will put two occupancy permits for the same address, they are supposed to review them first. HAHA! I will ask as one who pulls construction staging permits quite a bit, to please not park there when the signs are up, during the times required. Yes our public space permits are usually for 9:30-3:30, but we need to move in and start setting up before that or we will never get done. We call our signs in to 311 and register them. So if you pull them down, we can still get you ticketed and towed, rather than damaging your car.


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