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GDoN “beautiful, spacious and renovated” edition

by Prince Of Petworth July 29, 2016 at 12:12 pm 16 Comments

3900 Connecticut Avenue Northwest

This unit is located at 3900 Connecticut Avenue, Northwest. The listing says:

“Fall in love with this beautiful, spacious and renovated 1 bedroom condo with ample storage space and newly renovated kitchen. 78 Walk Score! Easy access to Tilden Metro and Van Ness Metros. A great blend of classic features such hardwood floors and high ceilings mixed with new kitchen.”


You can see more photos here.

This 1000 square foot 1 bed/1.5 bath is going for $330,000 ($609 monthly fee.)

  • Cam

    Tilden Metro!

  • Ran out of tiles?

    What the heck is going on with the kitchen backsplash?

  • hungeegirl

    that’s a 609 fee…not 309 fee…big difference.

  • Rich

    I wonder what the catch is, beyond the odd backsplash for the stove. This is a great price (I saw unrenovated smaller places in this building for more money 10 years ago)–“Best address” building with landscaping, easy access to two metros, not a bad distance from the Van Ness Giant. It doesn’t appear to have an in unit W/D. The fee is low for a coop which makes me think they may be getting ready to take out an undelying mortgage for capital improvements or perhaps have gone the route of a sizable assessment (some fancy coops like The Ontario have done this).

    The realtor obviously is a newbie–there’s no Tilden Metro (Cleve Pk maybe) and it’s a 1 bedroom w/dining room. Ugly, dysfunctional backsplash aside, the kitchen looks bigger than in some units in this building. At one time, they had a dining room (might have been open to the public) and the kitchens in the 1 bedrooms can be very small with barely enough space for a tiny breakfast table nearby. Renatl parking might be available–they should address that.

    • hungeegirl

      This is not a good price when you factor in the 609 fee, which adds about 130,000 to the price.

      • Rich

        It’s a co-op and the $609 would reflect coop fee+property taxes+underlying mortgage (see my other post), as long as the coop fee is similar to what you’d pay in taxes and condo fee for a comparable condo unit, it’s a still a relatively good deal. As the underlying mortgage is paid down, you gain equity from the pay down and because it is a mortgage, the interest is deductable along with your portion of the property taxes.

        This site really needs FAQs on co-ops because half of these postings are wasted on misinformation or people not knowing anything about co-ops but rambling anyway.

    • DC_KT

      The no-central AC would be a dealbreaker for me and would cut a significant amount off the price, I would think.

  • Wreckfish

    This is such a classy building and a great location. It’s undergoing a big project at the moment, window replacement I think, and it had major plumbing and/or heating work done in the last year. That kind of work usually gets funded with a loan so I wonder if there’s a special assessment that’s not listed here. Otherwise it strikes me as a pretty good deal even with the coop fee.

  • GHM

    love this building but found it does not allow pets – that should be clearly posted on the listing so as to not waste anyone’s time.

  • cam

    No central AC and lack of in-unit W/D. I like older buildings and the neighborhood, but it’s not exactly a hot location. A number of factors to consider in the price, including the fact that it is a co-op. Probably not a fantastic deal, but I suspect it will find a buyer who appreciates the space and quiet.

  • H

    My friend lives in bldg. They have to replace the elevators soon. $$$

  • architectdesignblog

    These COOPs are great deals because the fee includes taxes (lower than condo) and generally a lot of utilities. Great location between cleveland park (for restaurants) and VanNess (grocery store). The listing for this apartment seems off (I was in it recently during an estate sale). It is closer to 700 SF and I don’t believe there is a 1/2 bath. 330k is a very good price.

  • jaybarr

    The kitchen looks great, though I think it would be better if you add more wooden accents or even wall paintings.Hanging a picture or two on the wall can make a lot of difference. I bought some wall paintings from wicker emporium and it made my living room more brighter.


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