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GDoN “plenty of original architectural detail” edition

by Prince Of Petworth June 6, 2016 at 12:15 pm 11 Comments

1352 Randolph Street Northwest

This house is located at 1352 Randolph Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Nice large home with plenty of original architectural detail and updates, hardwood floors, pocket doors, coffered ceiling and built-in china cabinet in dining room. Deep backyard and garage, Walk Score of 93, convenient to shopping, Metro, etc.. Fully finished English basement with kitchen that can be an in-law suite or rental.”


You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/2.5 bath is going for $750,000.

  • JS

    It’s not a deal in that I think it’s priced pretty close to what it will ultimately sell for, barring any hidden issues. The lack of central A/C is a bummer, but it’s not too hard to have that installed.

  • neighbor

    Fantastic deal. It will depend a little on the inspection, but it’s really hard to find a liveable SFH in that area for under 800.

    • anon

      It is still shocking to me how much houses like this in DC have gone up in the decade I’ve been here. Guess it is all those new residents pushing up demand.

  • petworth neighbor

    God, I hope this sells for this price. I live nearby and we are thinking about selling next year and I’d have to say if this gets 750 we’re going north of 800 easy.

  • Guillermo Brown

    This is a good deal in a great neighborhood. Love that area

  • textdoc

    I love the original details.

  • Dognonymous

    I’ll say “no.” Bad or careless pictures on a listing always make me wary, for one. There’s nice furniture inside, but frankly the house itself doesn’t look all that well cared-for. The “basement rental” does have the required front-of-house access, but unless that’s a non-standard door the ceiling isn’t the required 7 feet tall. You also have no central air and a very small kitchen, and old houses like this aren’t always the most viable for those kinds of renovations. This is the kind of place that really screams for a good inspection and yet given the location, I expect at least one person to waive it. Good luck.

    • anon

      On the basement ceiling height: That’s why the realtor calls it an in-law suite. He/she really shouldn’t be calling it a potential rental… should’ve just called it an in-law suite and said nothing further.

      • neighbor

        Sadly since DCRA pretty rarely does anything about unpermitted basement units this doesn’t really affect price. Since there are tons of people willing to rent illegally, the value of the house reflects that and you pay as if it actually had a basement unit whether you’re unscrupulous or not.
        The lack of enforcement really disincentives coming into compliance with the law.

    • anon

      You’d probably get just about at 7 feet by removing the silly ceiling panels. The realtor should have at least talked the owners into ripping out all the side and ceiling paneling. It wouldn’t be all that expensive, then the new owners at least have a bit more of a blank slate to create a better space in the basement, either for rental or for their own use.

  • anon

    Honestly, what plausible value added does a seller’s agent possibly have if they come up with pictures as horrendous as this? I’m in the wrong line of work.


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