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GDoN “Outstanding condition” edition

by Prince Of Petworth June 29, 2016 at 12:25 pm 22 Comments

This house is located at 1622 34th Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Totally renovated Georgetown townhouse. Top of line Snaidero kitchen cabinets, Miele applicances, heated kitchen floor. Granite countertops, Sub Zero all leading to newly designed back garden with pergola and special plantings with watering system 3 bedrooms up, 3 and 1/2 new baths. Dark wood floors, dining/family room on first floor. Outstanding condition 2396 SQ FT inside 324 sq ft patio”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/3.5 bath is going for $1,790,000.

  • neighbor

    Who is going to be the first to acknowledge the big zebra in the room?

  • Troy

    Nothing says home sweet home like a zebra path to your bedroom!

    • And what appears to be a poop emoji pillow on the bed!

      • Anonymous

        I feel sorry for the teenage boy who lives in that room and had to endure the hazing from his buddies that came with having faux animal prints all over his house.

  • wobber

    Coming home, or going upstairs, is like a little safari

  • Cleveland Park runner

    Absolutely gorgeous . . . except for all the animal print that looks like it’s actual carpet and not rugs. Though I suppose if paying nearly $1.8m, spending a few thousand on some new floor coverings isn’t the worst thing.

  • Anonymous

    One of the few instances where you’re hoping and rugs and drapes do not match.

  • anon

    Is it sad that the houses I like now cost around $1.7 – 1.8 million, when it seems just a few years back they were just under 1 million? Have house prices gone up that much, or am I liking better houses? Probably a bit of each. Closet to 1 mil used to seem within reach, even with it being partly dreaming – after all, I sold an apartment I owned elsewhere for getting up toward 900K – but getting up toward $2 million does not even remotely seem like it will ever be within my reach.

    • AnonV2

      How far back are you talking when a fully renovated, 2400 sq ft TH in the heart of Georgetown was routinely under a million? Those days have long since passed.

    • Park View

      The same house sold more than 12 years ago for $1M even. With inflation that is equal to $1.27M today. That’s not that great of an appreciation in value for DC during this period.

    • Formerly ParkViewRes

      As others have pointed out this is in Georgetown, a rather larger house, and completely renovated. I actually think it’s pretty low considering location and size. It’s $748 per square foot, hardly crazy for Georgetown. Does buying a 2 million dollar house have to be within reach? Honestly, I don’t care to ever spend that much on a house unless I become a millionaire and even then I don’t feel I’ll ever have the need for 2400 sq feet.

  • DM

    Is there still that much of a premium for Georgetown?

    • Bloomy

      Yes, but now there are also major premiums being paid for several other areas in the district, too.

    • stacksp

      There will always be a premium for Georgetown

      • I Dont Get It

        For people moving from out of town, it’s one of the few neighborhoods they’ve heard of.

        • ANM

          Same for tourists and Eurotrash…

          • I Dont Get It


      • jaybird

        I think for the size and price its also in line with Dupont and Logan Circle.

  • Planner

    I would give them $1.9m if they’d guarantee that they’d remove all the rugs and carpeting. (And, ideally, destroy it.)

  • Ms. D

    So, I just had a place staged for sale yesterday, and, while it looks great, I had a hard time not yelling at the stager that I hate both brown and animal prints. Yes, it’s just temporary furniture and my dislike of brown is not a universal aversion, but that informs my “I would actually not buy this house, even if I had the money” gut reaction. I would literally walk in, see the carpet on the stairs, and nope out. I don’t care if I had the money to replace it or the leverage to demand it be replaced before closing, it would make me leave.

    • textdoc

      I’m really surprised that a stager would use animal prints Usually the idea with staging is to use things that are pretty neutral and generic, rather than something more taste-specific — the goal is for the viewer not to be distracted by the furnishings/decor.

  • Eric

    I love the opening to the outside patio until I remember the amount of urban wildlife in Georgetown that would be trying to skitter in.


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