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  • spookiness

    These are fetching ridiculous prices lately. There is an outfit in Texas that basically rebuilds them and they look brand new. Can even add a 3rd row, which was never an original option. Prices start in the mid-50’s.

    Years ago I spotted a J-10 pickup with a lot of upgrades & interior parts (leather!) from Grand Wagoneer and it was tempting but I didn’t need another project at the time.

  • Can ya name the truck with four wheel drive,
    Smells like a steak and seats thirty five.

  • NH Ave Hiker

    I’m sure that thing gets like 3 mpg in the city. They were notoriously bad on gas.

  • I’m trying to figure out if that’s the same Wagoneer that is (was?) always parked on the 1900 block of 11th NW…


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