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  • Thanks for the shout out… It’s mine and I had a little car trouble just a few blocks from home in Columbia Heights. I used to own the Kingpin bar on U street, thus the tag, and recently got this beauty back on the road after several years of restoration work. I plan on driving her every day and love all the attention it gets. Old cars should be enjoyed, not hidden away!

    • andy2

      Great truck! Love air cooled VWs – miss my Bug and sisters Fastback.

    • textdoc

      Nice — I was wondering if there was any connection to Kingpin the bar!

  • Philippe Lecheval

    Nice! You don’t see many of these in the US. It seems like unlike its microbus cousin, they sold very few of the pickups here.

  • zeeeeee

    Please don’t accidentally set this truck on fire. She’s a beaut!

    • Kingpinjoel

      There’s no smoking in my truck.


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