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GDoN “Yep, you can still get a nice place in the city for under 300k” edition

by Prince Of Petworth May 13, 2016 at 12:15 pm 34 Comments

1413 T Street Northwest

This unit is located at 1413 T Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Yep, you can still get a nice place in the city for under 300k. Perfect space in a great location. Pet friendly building! Nicely appointed. Open Sunday 2-4.”


You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $289,000 ($197 monthly fee.)

  • ExWalbridgeGuy

    Kind of a quirky studio, and small no doubt. But that price tho. No way around the fact that it’s a great deal for a twentysomething who’s planning to be in DC for awhile. (I couldn’t see any of the photos on popville, but pulled the place up on Trulia.)

    • MtP

      Agree, it is basically a well-designed studio, but that is a great price for that location, and I really wouldn’t mind this if I weren’t planning to have kids in the near future. I have a lot of friends in Chicago that have similarly non-enclosed bedrooms, and it really isn’t a big deal.

    • Timmy

      If I were 15 years younger, I’d love to live in a place like this even if it is more of a studio than a one bedroom.

    • Anon

      Heck, I’d buy it as an income generator. You could rent it out for a lot more than the mortgage payment.

      • sam-g

        It’s a good thing you aren’t a real estate investor or you would be broke right now. Mortgage will be $1366, condo fee $197, taxes $166 monthly, $50 insurance monthly. Total expenses up to this point is $1779 not including vacancy, management fee, and repair costs. You won’t be making any money on this as a rental that make the stress of managing tenants worthwhile.

        • Accountering

          Meh, Mortgage would be closer to $1,150-$1,200, and vancacy? This is the kind of location that has 100% occupancy. You put this on CL with an open house at 40 people would show up ready to sign that day. This place is definitely profitable – you aren’t going to make a killing, but it will be cash flow positive most years, and will appreciate at 2% consistently. If you are looking to sock away $65K in a very stable investment, you could do wayyyy worse than buying this place. You certainly wouldn’t go “broke” buying this place as an investment.

  • Dognonymous

    Cute effort at converting a studio into a 1BR, but no. Impressively ugly glass block! Pretty sure the “bedroom” not having a door and not being fully walled off makes this a 0/1.

    • abc

      Yeah, how is it legal to call this a 1br?

  • Anonymous

    The bedroom seems to have two windows, so it seems very odd that they didn’t build the wall between the bedroom and livingroom all the way to the ceiling. Also, it seems like there is, or once was, a door between the bedroom and livingroom, jamb and hardware in one of the pictures. Kitchen is tiny, and no dishwasher, but might work for someone on a budget.

    • Anon

      They didn’t build the wall to the ceiling because then there wouldn’t be AC in the rest of the apartment, and they may not be permitted to install window units or there may be a cost for doing so.

      It’s a Studio. I hate agents who lie in their listings.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks. I didn’t notice that and it seems likely the reason for the partial wall. I also then wonder how effective the AC will be in the other rooms, esp. the kitchen.
        I have noticed that in quite a few new projects, some with very high prices or rents, developers in their sales materials list inflated numbers of bedrooms.

        • Anonymous

          Refrigerator doors also seem to open on the wrong side. Don’t know if they are reversible, but if not, that would be annoying.

          • victoria

            Refrigerator doors are always reversible! This just shouts “I’m a stupid developer!”

          • textdoc

            My bet is that the refrigerator is squeezed in so tightly that if they put the hinges on the other side, there wouldn’t be enough clearance to open the door all the way — or possibly not even enough clearance to open the door at all.
            (I have a basement fridge that looks similar, and it requires extra clearance to open properly.)

      • Anon

        Is there a requirement that a bedroom has to be closed off with floor-to-ceiling walls? I feel like we’ve seen a lot of loft-style bedrooms that were open.

      • textdoc

        I’d say it’s more of a junior one-bedroom.

        • textdoc

          Or maybe more of a studio after all — I’m having trouble deciding.
          Definitely not a full-on one-bedroom, though.

    • ***

      What bothered me about the kitchen wasn’t the lack of dishwasher (because honestly if you live in an apartment this small and can’t wash your own dishes…) but that there is literally ZERO counter space, aside from the island, which means there is nowhere for a toaster, coffee bean grinder, food processor, or any other number of kitchen electronics.

      • anonymous

        But yet there’s a giant double sink. I like double sinks and all, but would never opt for one at the expense of 90% of potential counter space.

  • Anon

    Yeah, because there’s no way there’d be a bidding war on this…

    • Formerly ParkViewRes

      Considering it’s already priced at $701/sq ft you’d be crazy to pay much more than list price. I could see 300k, but beyond that no.

      • Anon

        Condo fees are low and it’s pet friendly and in a great area. A lot of people with tight budgets will gladly sacrifice space if they can affordably live in a bustling part of town with their dog,

  • Philippe Lecheval

    It’s not right that this is allowed to be called a 1BR and not a studio.

  • bruno

    What section of the building is this located in? Hard to determine.

    • ExWalbridgeGuy

      It’s apparently Unit 204. I initially thought it was a garden/basement type of unit, but from the unit number I assume it’s second floor. An even better deal then. Nearly all basement apartments in this neighborhood are significantly more expensive than this. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the last Logan Circle condo to ever sell for under $300k….

  • MtPDeeJ

    Just checked the tax record….it’s definitely listed as a studio, but still a good deal for that area.

  • Honest Realtor

    This is an efficiency, the violation has been reported to MLS. It is unfortunate that there are still agents other that are unethical and misguide the public.

    A legal bedroom in DC is at least 7ft hight, 7ft wide, 7ft long, with a minimum 2x2ft (1panel) window not higher than 42in form floor as a mean of egress, a closet and a physical door.
    Yes many Lofts are not considered legal bedrooms un less it is recorded as such.

    Be Smart, Cheers

    • bruno

      Do you imply people in the real estate industry stretch the truth?

    • Anon

      Wait, a legal bedroom in DC must have a closet? That means my 3-bedroom rowhouse, like many Victorian-era rowhouses, is technically a studio?

      • textdoc

        I would hope/imagine that bedrooms in houses built before a certain year are granted an exception.

    • There are SO many places that are listed incorrectly. When I was looking I saw a lot of places listed as 2 bedrooms that were 1 bedrooms + den (second bedroom had no windows).

      This stuff doesn’t seem very widely enforced…which is probably why so many agents stretch the truth on the number of bedrooms!

  • DCish

    Great renovation of a small space — it’s functional, bright and airy. For that price and the low condo fees, it’s a great option — I used to live a block a way and would have loved to have bought this place back in my 20s. Great neighborhood, walking distance to Dupont, metro is just a few blocks away… I don’t really see a downside here. I’m not even bothered by the fact that it’s clearly a studio conversion and the bedroom lacks a door. This place is perfect for a young single person with a dog or a cat, which means you’re not going to care about closing the bedroom door — privacy isn’t an issue. Leaving the bedroom open to the rest of the apartment increases the light exposure in both rooms, and if anyone ever wanted to close it off for some reason, that’s a pretty cheap alteration.

    I’d say the seller nailed it with this one.

    • wpk_dc

      I fully agree with you, +1

  • anon

    Tiny awkward studio. Tiny kitchen, no DW, no counter or cupboard space to speak of. Stupid pillar to bump into. Bed crammed against half-wall in narrow “bedroom.” Tiny living area. Pass.

    Yes, you can get nice places for under $300 in this city, but this isn’t one of them.


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