GDoN “Top-floor abundant w/light” edition (reader request)

by Prince Of Petworth April 8, 2016 at 12:30 pm 27 Comments

1701 16th Street Northwest

This unit is located at 1701 16th Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Top-floor abundant w/light thru wall of new windows! Open flexible space. Oak hardwoods thru out. Accented w/crown molding. Maple cabinets w/granite, glass tile backsplash, & stainless steel appliances. Closet w/custom organization system. Travertine bath w/window & pedestal sink. Roof deck, gym, 24/7 Security, rental & bike storage, Only pay electric-cable, HBO, & internet included! 96 walk score”


You can see more photos here.

This studio is going for $212,470 ($285 monthly fee.)

  • victoria

    Co-op or condo? If Co-op, the fees make sense. Condo – hell no.

    • James

      Co-op. The fees include your real estate taxes, which are a giant chunk of the fee. (I also live in this building.)

  • cam

    It’s a co-op.

  • P

    There’s no oven! And hard to see, but is that a stovetop next to the sink?

  • who buys a condo/coop with no oven and no stove?

    • cam

      I’m guessing young single professionals who dine out most of the time and can get by fine with a microwave and/or toaster oven? I viewed a different condo in Dupont that didn’t have an oven/stove. It was a surprising omission to me, but I suspect there are plenty of buyers who don’t care.

      • Rich

        I looked at a unit at the Cairo w/o an oven and with the tiniest non-dorm refrigerator I’ve ever seen.

  • Anon Spock

    Kitchen seems painfully small, and no stovetop. I guess if you’re doing take out every night anyway, then it would be a good deal.

  • neighbor

    Seems silly to buy a coop this tiny. Coops only really make sense financially if you plan on living there long term, and who’s going to stay in a tiny apartment with no real kitchen more than a year or two?

    • Rich

      Someone who is often in DC for work and wants a pied a terre.

      • SilverSpringGal

        Ohhh. That’s actually perfect. Considering hotel fees in this city a 200K renovated condo with a monthly fee of $200 is a steal.

  • CoHi

    I think this does have a small (probably two-burner) stove top. I lived in a studio like this in Miami for the summer once. It wasn’t a big deal to be without an oven. I was working and eating out (and going to the beach), and the stove top did the job for the vast majority of meals I wanted to cook. A convection oven would also fit in nicely and do most everything an oven would – and faster. I have one and only use my oven for baking sweets. All the savory stuff, like meat, goes on convection

  • mvexplorer

    It’s super strange for a home in the US not to have an oven, but in many parts of the world oven’s aren’t standard. Considering the amount of international people living in DC, I could see someone who isn’t used to having an oven considering this place. Also, as everyone else has said, people who don’t cook or this could be a second home for a business person who lives out of state and travels to DC a lot.

    • mvexplorer

      *ovens not oven’s

    • jcm

      Or a businessman who lives nearby with his wife but needs a place to meet his girlfriend.

  • SilverSpringGal

    I’ve always loved this building and the co-op fee for this unit is surprisingly low. But I guess its ‘reduced’ because there’s no stove and therefore no gas charges. I once saw a regular one-bedroom there that has a $800 co-op fee.

    • 16thSter

      I live in the building. There are no gas stoves.

      • SilverSpringGal

        Thanks for the clarification.

        • anonymous

          Gas is cheap anyway – even if you cook with your gas stove.

          Kitchen would be better with smaller fridge (not half size, but taller narrow one), a small dishwasher, a convection oven instead of a microwave. There’s plenty of room to expand the kitchen a bit.

  • Shaw

    That kitchen is horrifying. It’s such an incredible waste of space! They put the whole thing along the shortest wall they could find, when doing an L-shape or a U-shape kitchen would have left room for, uh, I dunno… a kitchen!? Like, one with appliances? Maybe an oven? Or enough counterspace for even a coffeepot? The only thing salvageable is really the fridge. After that, you’ll have to design a completely new setup. The big upside is that corner is certainly large enough for something functional.

  • Hill Denizen

    My kitchen is pretty much half my 390 sq ft studio and I love it, so I could never do this, but I could see how someone who didn’t cook could be fine with the kitchen as is.

  • 16thStreet

    I own a studio in the Chasteton
    The studios have a two burner stove top, its under the microwave
    And there is a microwave convection oven in the units so you can cook

  • 16thStreet

    I own a studio in the Chastleton
    There’s a two burner cooktop, its under the microwave
    And its a microwave convection oven so you can cook

  • Chris

    I believe most units in this building have an underlying mortgage. It seems that the monthly co-op fee is $285, which would include all utilities, taxes and insurance. The underlying mortgage would be $490 a month, which is a debt that one could never make advance payments on to pay down. A reason some people avoid buying in the building although it is a beautiful building.

  • Lizzygirl

    I used to rent a studio in that building. I loved living there and only moved because I took a new job out of DC. There are tons of amenities and I did not miss having an oven. I used the convection oven all the time and it worked great!

  • Jordan Harrison

    I lived in this building in one of the studios. I seriously never had any issue with not having an oven. On the rare occasion that I needed to bake something, I was able to use the convection oven just fine. The tradeoff in that the kitchen was smaller is you have much more living space. I was able to cook and have dinner parties and such without any problems. I ended up moving to Houston but if I hadn’t I would have definitely stayed! Great building.

  • figby

    This building is such a disappointment — so exciting and interesting on the outside, so promising. Then the inside is dull, modern white boxes, recessed lighting and ho-hum finishes.


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