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GDoN “offers a vast array of possibilities” edition (reader request)

by Prince Of Petworth April 19, 2016 at 12:25 pm 23 Comments

Exterior (Front) -

This house is located at 5334 5th Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Charming and inviting Brightwood home with flexible layout, offers a vast array of possibilities. Gleaming hardwood floors perfectly highlight the light and airy nature of the home throughout. Idyllic front porch, rear yard and enclosed sunroom are ideal spaces for entertaining. Finished lower level includes family and laundry rooms. Off-street parking for 2. Walk to Rock Creek and Ft Slocum Park.”


You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/3 bath is going for $500,000.

  • wdc

    I don’t know this neighborhood, and thought the price was surprising for a place that doesn’t appear to be falling down.
    Then I scrolled through 2016 PoPville items tagged Brightwood Park, and it’s nothing but real estate and shootings. No restaurant or retail openings, no festivals, no props to the cops. Literally ALL reports of gun activity, except for the hyperbolic house listings.

    • anon7

      Whoa! Speaking of shots fired! I’m excited to see how this thread plays out.

    • I live in this neighborhood and there aren’t a lot of new restaurants opening, etc. There’s a coffee shop (culture coffee), a greasy spoon diner (Tony’s), and a good Caribbean place (Andrene’s) within a block or two of the house. There are supposedly a couple places coming in, but we will see. Don’t judge a neighborhood because it doesn’t have a lot of new posts on PoP (besides crime, which I am not denying)..

    • A. Nony Mouse

      One thing to consider is that it’s a very residential neighborhood. There aren’t many storefronts in Brightwood except along 16th street.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Huh? There are no storefronts at all along 16th. Did you mean Georgia?

        • Not sure what A. Nony Mouse was talking about, but this is Brightwood Park, where there are a bunch of businesses right on Kennedy street.

    • anon

      @equidistance. You kind of cherry picked by going back only to the beginning of this year. Go as far back as November and you’ll see two Popville postings heralding the arrival of a bar and cidery on Kennedy, the former within two blocks of this house.

      But yeah, the crime is real. I won’t attempt to downplay that.

      • I think you meant @wdc in this?

        • anon

          yeah, I realized it as soon as I posted it, but too late…

  • HaileUnlikely

    I see that this was listed for $540K a month ago and lowered all the way to $500K. I am surprised by that. I admittedly would be more interested if not for all of the shootings in the area, which I’ve been around for long enough to know is neither a new nor likely a short-lived problem, but still, there are demonstrably lots of buyers undeterred by that sort of thing, and am surprised this didn’t go quickly at $540K.

    • JS

      I don’t think people have a problem moving to an area with some issues, as long as they don’t live at the epicenter of said issues. This house is basically on the corner of Jefferson, which seems to be where a lot of the reports of shots fired come from. Put this house a few blocks off Jefferson and I bet it sells fast.

  • Anonymous

    The third bedroom seems to be accessed through the master bedroom, possibly a former sleeping porch. The other floor plans weren’t visible, so not sure if there is a third bedroom in the basement. I always do find it odd when a house is staged with the diningroom and livingroom reversed.

    • K

      On my computer you can see the floor plan and it definitely shows the 3rd bedroom connected to the second. I have a few friends who have bought recently in Brightwood and the sleeping porch seems to be a common feature. My friends have either redone the second floor to create 3 separate rooms or turned the sleeping porch into an office or nursery.

    • textdoc

      My understanding was that If a bedroom can be accessed only through another bedroom, one of the two doesn’t count as a bedroom.

  • Anon

    Live in the neighborhood. Definitely agree on some of the crime issues, but this is the case in many parts of the city right now. This is actually a pretty quiet street with some great neighbors. Kennedy is going to develop. It has to in the near future. Certainly some problems now, but this is a great long-term community with tons of potential.

  • CasaJulian

    I have friends that live on this block. Great neighbors! I understand the nearby crime. But you can say that about many neighborhoods in DC. They have never seemed alarm living with small children who play outside and walk their dogs like normal people. I think this house should sell soon for this price point. Most along 5th street are going for more.

  • stacksp

    Pretty motivated seller. 40k price drop since March it seems.

  • Billy Bob

    I’m honestly surprised it hasn’t been snatched up already. This seems _very_ reasonably priced, especially for a house that doesn’t look like it was a cheap flip. Kennedy seems poised to be ripe for H-Street-like renewal with lots of development. This stretch of 5th is quiet and residential, but well-connected to both Petworth metro and Ft Totten. Crime is a concern around the city but this is a nice neighborhood. If I was in the market and didn’t already own my house, I’d be looking for something exactly like this.

  • anon

    It’s definitely on a corner where there has been a lot of violence, but the proximity to Kennedy Street may make this a good deal (in the medium to long term). The house is two blocks away from a new bar that’s slated to open on Kennedy street, five blocks from the coming Cidery on Kennedy Street, and walking distance from a third restaurant/bar that’s also slated to open on Third and Kennedy.

    5th and Kennedy is currently a gross intersection, but if you’re willing to tough it out, especially at this price, this could really pay off.

    • 5thstres

      The corner that the house is on is not violent. I’ve lived on the same block as this house for 2 years with no incidents even when coming home late at night. 2 blocks away I avoid at all costs 7th and Jefferson but that’s easily manageable. The nearby shootings have all been drug related and not on 5th st where the house is. Not trying to downplay it, we wish it didn’t happen but it’s the case of the police ignoring something everyone knows. Still lots of families in the area who aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

      • anon

        agree that 7th/8th and Jefferson is the worst, but this is not a great block for crime, any way you slice it. 5th and Kennedy has that awful strip mall, vacant chinese joint, and lots of sketchy characters hanging around. I can’t wait for the new bar to open there, because I detest that intersection.

        In any event, it still looks like a great deal. It’s a nice neighborhood with lots of cool things on the horizon.

  • DF

    We live in Columbia Heights and are finally looking to buy. Since there’s nothing in our neighborhood for this $$, this looks like a great option. Close to Rock Creek is huge for me. Kitchen is smallish, but manageable.

  • Brad

    This is one of those areas in DC where a mere block or two matters a lot. If you live in a neighborhood like Chevy Chase you may find this difficult to believe, but being three blocks east of a very troublesome block–the 800 block of Jefferson–makes for a very different environment.

    This is largely a stable, middle class residential neighborhood. Lots of families who have been in their homes for decades, very friendly, most houses very well maintained. If crime is a concern for you, look up the stats. Over the last year, there have been 47 reported violent crimes within 1500 feet of this address. Is this a lot? I don’t know, but head three blocks east and the same criteria give you 94 reported violent crimes–more than a 100% increase, and it’s just a scant three blocks away.

    Better yet, stroll around the neighborhood and get a feel for things. Chat up the neighbors who are sitting on their porches, or out walking their dogs. Stop by Culture Coffee and strike up a conversation with Miss Vee, or head over to Andrene’s. You’ll get a feel for the neighborhood then.

    I guess what I’m saying is, yeah, I think this home is a good deal and someone’s going to be fortunate enough to snatch it up. Kennedy Street is absolutely headed in the right direction, there’s a bus line that runs right in front of the house that’s a ten minute ride either to Takoma or Petworth (and a bus line one block north along Kennedy that runs between Ft. Totten and Chevy Chase), there’s a Bikeshare dock a block away, several parks within short walking distance, and a great community feel.


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