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GDoN “industrial aesthetic” edition

by Prince Of Petworth April 26, 2016 at 12:25 pm 27 Comments

55 Rhode Island Avenue Northwest

This unit is located at 55 Rhode Island Avenue, Northwest. The listing says:

“BROKERS OPEN TUES 4/26, 12-2pm! Bay windows compliment soaring vaulted ceilings & highlight the industrial aesthetic of this 3BR/2.5BA loft style Penthouse. Sleek finishes include concrete countertops, iron spiral staircase, European tiles & white washed exposed brick. Spacious suites ft. rain shower head & soaking tub, while private outdoor space overlooks the innovative Brookland neighborhood.”

Ed. Note: Well that last bit is a bit awkward…


You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $789,000 ($175 monthly fee.)

  • Jessica

    Awkward because it names the wrong neighborhood? Bloomingdale not Brookland

    • Anon


    • Timebomb

      I caught that, but also assumed it was awkward because of “innovative”; what does that mean in reference to a neighborhood?

  • textdoc

    So. Much. Exposed. Brick.
    IDGI, be warned that there are vessel sinks!

  • Anon

    This is a really nice-looking unit. I bet it sells around asking.

  • AnonV2

    Earning every penny of that five figure commission!!

    Also, “industrial aesthetic” = “We were too lazy to route the ductwork properly or build soffits”

    • lindy


    • textdoc

      Yeah — the exposed ductwork just looks lazy to me.
      And I pity the owner who can’t just hammer a nail into the wall because almost all the walls are exposed brick.

      • Anon

        You can hammer into the mortar without a problem. Just don’t be a doofus and drill into the brick!

        • textdoc

          Really? I thought you had to use an anchor or something — that’s good to know.

          • Anon

            I guess you need to drill/anchor if it’s something particularly heavy, but I’ve had no problems hanging large paintings with penny nails.

        • Anon X

          Why would drilling into the brick make one a doofus? Many mortar lines will explode on contact because they’re so old and sometimes the walls are covered with plaster so you dont know where the lines are. Also, if you value what you’re hanging, you dont want to just put a nail in mortar or brick because small vibrations will loosen it over time. I always put anchors in for anything that I want to keep from crashing to the ground during a bad thunderstorm.

          Dont be a doofus and give out bad advice!

    • mvexplorer

      A friend of mine works in high end retail construction and told me its actually harder to construct with exposed ducts because instead of running wires and pipes wherever you need them to go, you have to contain them into the single structure. Takes more planning and money ironically. This particular house’s construction might not fit that bill, but overall I thought that was an interested thing to consider.

  • Trison

    The living room decor took me to the 80’s, but then I saw the vessel sinks…

    When did “penthouse” become a term for a 3rd floor walk-up? It’s not a penthouse if you don’t access it by an elevator.

  • Formerly ParkViewRes

    This is hideously ugly, but I realize there are some people (?) that may like this style. It just feels so cold.

    • Anonoline

      It’s not my style but I could see it looking great with different furniture. The only thing I truly dislike is the black ducting!

  • BookaholicAnonymous

    Gah! It’s “complement” not “compliment”. Unless the bay windows just hang out all day saying nice things about the ceilings. That actually sounds lovely.

    • Anon

      They really do compliment – these are some of the kindest windows this side of the Mississippi!

  • I Dont Get It

    Needs some sliding barn doors.

  • Anonomnom

    Just…. No.
    Lovely rooftop though!

  • ET

    I like the urban look so I don’t mind exposed duct work and I don’t mind red or painted brick. What I do “mind” is trying to turn a space that isn’t industrial into industrial. It isn’t very successful and ends up just looking like they were taking the cheap way out.

    • Anon

      Well, they were ;-)

  • neighbor

    OMG. So amazing. Who staged this first of all? And how do they think anyone can sit on this couch? Or is it just for orgies? And those pick curtains? What’s with those?
    The vessel sink in the small bathroom also reaches new levels of terrible for vessel sink.
    This is overpriced by at least 100k.

  • Dognonymous

    “Do you like basements? This place looks like one on every floor!”

  • anon

    So many terrible design choices. It’s a shame because the bones of the building are beautiful…

  • soozles

    Ugh, such a cold, cold, soulless place. I agree with Dognonymous that it looks like a basement on every floor. I’m sure it will go for a lot though.

  • Tony

    What an ugly ugly ugly ugly condo. Ugly.


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