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  • retropean

    Agh! Lock that front wheel too!

    • Dan

      Came here to say this. Back one, too. I’ll be the first to “victim blame” when this bike is stripped of both wheels.

      • rob

        Those ain’t quick release, so if you have the balls to get after those wheels the hard way in the broad daylight, you prob deserve them.

        side note: what a beaut

  • Publix Carrot Cake

    My bike whole bike was stolen, u lock to frame and locking skewers and all, on mintwood nearby after 5 hours Friday night 5pm-10pm. I’ve seen this bike there for days in the same spot, lucky owner!

  • Nadine Pinto

    Wow!!! These were made by my father a long time ago! I will have to shiw this pic to Mel Pinto!


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